Unproductive day at work? That’ll be your internet

Businesses and organisations within the Square Mile in London, no matter what their particular sector, understand the importance of achieving the utmost levels of productivity in order to also boost turnover and profit. It is for that reason that those companies search for as many ways as possible to enhance their efficiency in order to remain competitive and achieve as much success as possible.

What that suggests to us is that these businesses are likely to be loath to accept any situation which impinges upon their capability of achieving optimal productivity. When it comes to broadband connection however, any organisation within The City or West End will be quick to tell you that they have no choice but to accept a sub-optimal service. This is the case as it is the unfortunate truth that the availability of SuperFast Fibre Broadband in central London is virtually nil, in spite of the many benefits which better fibre coverage in the region could deliver to a multitude of crucial businesses and organisations.


Different Types of Broadband Connection

Many people have heard of SuperFast Fibre Broadband and know that what it basically offers is a quicker and more reliable internet connection, but what exactly is the difference between fibre broadband and the connection provided by more traditional means?

Essentially, the difference between the cutting-edge Superfast Fibre Broadband and the connection which most people still receive, is the way in which it is delivered. As suggested by its name, fibre broadband utilises cutting-edge fibre optic technology by way of dedicated fibre-optic cables. The existing infrastructure by which broadband is often delivered on the other hand shares copper wiring that is also used to deliver telephone connection and therefore limits the speed of connection that is possible.

It is this then, which sets SuperFast Fibre Broadband apart from other modes of connection in terms of speed and reliability, and makes it the ideal choice for businesses who desire the most efficient option. Unfortunately however, when it comes to The City and West End that option just simply isn’t currently available to the vast majority of premises due to the paucity of availability of the SuperFast Fibre broadband alternative in the area.


Broadband in the Square Mile

It seems contrary to all logic but the area in London known as the Square Mile, which as a hub for business and finance employs over 300,000 people, has an average coverage for SuperFast Fibre Broadband of only between 0% and 20%.

What that means is that the vast majority of companies and businesses in that area have to make do with less reliable and slower connections, and must cope with the problems that that may cause, which include unnecessary restrictions being placed on their workforces’ efficiency and productivity. Or at least they did have to simply cope with this until recently, when a company called EC-MSP decided that the lack of adequate fibre broadband coverage in central London was something which simply shouldn’t be tolerated.


EC-MSP’s Broadband Initiative

Instead of coping with sub-optimal broadband connection as there is currently nothing better available, EC-MSP are encouraging businesses and organisations within the Square Mile to be proactive in seeking a solution. Furthermore, they are of the opinion that those businesses deserve the very best and as such the only logical, acceptable and permanent solution possible is to improve the fibre broadband coverage in the region.

Their broadband initiative has been launched to raise awareness of this issue and encourages businesses in the region to provide information regarding their connection speed and type. EC-MSP then intend to present that information to BT and the government in the hope of encouraging them to devote investment toward extending the fibre coverage in the region. If you believe therefore, that your business deserves SuperFast Fibre Broadband, then joining EC-MSP’s campaign may well be the best way to make it happen.


If you feel you’d like to support our campaign, go here to find out how you can help!