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Every business is different and therefore faces unique challenges on questions of IT infrastructure. What’s the best way to protect against major data loss, for example? Are there potential security leaks on your company network? Do you even need a network, or should you be thinking about switching to the Cloud, with the many advantages it can offer?

For some businesses, the answers to such questions can be quite complex – for others, they might be solved in a single phone call. In either case, they needn’t be daunting. As a London-based IT consultancy firm comprised of passionate IT consultants, EC-MSP is well-equipped to advise on any of your concerns or requirements, working with you to propose solutions that are in close alignment with your business goals.

Let Our Consultants Soothe Your IT Headache

As much as we love all things related to technology, we understand that that may not be your relationship! Our consultants are therefore specially trained to explain tricky concepts in plain language, and to base any solutions they might propose entirely on your needs and budget. Whether you have operational problems or you simply need your IT processes to deliver more efficiently, we will listen carefully to your issue, then provide expert support and guidance entirely customised to your situation. If it makes sense, we can also implement most of the solutions we discuss.

We provide a practical range of IT consultancy services in the following areas:

IT Security
With threats increasing by the day to business’s technology infrastructure, having an expert cybersecurity consultant on hand is now considered by most, a non-negotiable.

Cloud Computing
If you think you might want to launch into the Cloud but aren’t quite sure how, we’ve got you covered.

Disaster Recovery & Backup
Need help determining the right backup solution, or a full-blown disaster recovery plan? We can probably help.

Network Services
We consult on all aspects of office network design, configuration and installation.

IT Relocation
We can help you to map our your IT relocation plan, or even supervise your entire office move.

General IT Consultancy
Having a problem with your new VoIP system, or you DSL isn’t working as it should? Give us a call.

As an IT consulting firm, we pride ourselves in not being married to any particular supplier, but rather in using our expert knowledge to recommend best-in-class solutions that are sculpted to your precise requirements. We also take a long-term interest in the IT health of the companies we serve, mapping out strategies for future growth where necessary.

If you’re not happy with the current state of your IT and you’re looking for help to improve it, then get in touch with a friendly engineer from one of the top IT support companies in London today.

“EC-MSP really took the time to understand the needs of our company and kept us involved and up to date at each stage of the process…”

Emilie Record, Office Manager, Toro Gold

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Case Study

Toro Gold

Company Merger

EC-MSP really took the time to understand the needs of our company and kept us involved and up to date at each stage of the process.

Emilie Record
Office Manager, Toro Gold

The challenge

Toro Gold is a gold exploration company that has established a portfolio of nine early to mid-stage gold exploration projects across six countries. EC-MSP was called upon to assist with merging their IT systems with another company they had recently acquired.

The solution

EC-MSP had a meeting with the key members of staff to find out the scope of the job. It was decided that all the data would be migrated to a single server. A copy of the data was made before commencing any work. The new data was scanned for viruses prior to migration, and the data was then merged.

The Outcome

EC-MSP assisted with merging the data of the two companies safely, ensuring we had a backup of the data in case anything went wrong, then making sure that the data that was being copied over was safe before moving it over to the single server. Toro was happy with the result and has remained a client since.

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