Training: Why your IT project can’t stop at installation

The process of changing IT systems will always take time, however big the project is, but it’ll only take longer if training isn’t handled in the right way early on

The decision to go ahead with a new IT installation should be a big deal for any business. There’s likely to be plenty of planning in the build-up, and much deliberation between CIOs, CEOs and, to some extent, the rest of the workforce. Then there’s the financial side of things; with such a large amount of money at stake, it’s crucial to get things right first time. What so many companies don’t realise, though, is that the work doesn’t stop when the initial implementation stage is complete.

Thanks largely to the consumerisation of IT, the interfaces employees use in their everyday working lives tend to be pretty intuitive these days, but they’re also more powerful than ever before, with exciting capabilities. As such, even the latest and most expensive IT infrastructure will go to waste if the people it’s built for don’t get to know it inside out – and quickly too. This is why post-installation training should be seen as being just as important as the rest of the process.

Going a step further, it’s not enough to simply force all affected employees to read through the supplied manuals and get going when they’re done; the training process should begin with first-hand tuition from the provider. Alongside this, users should have time to safely explore the new tools they have access to, to see what they’re capable of if nothing else. It will take time for each user to get a hold of things, so it’s best to start the process early.

The main thing to remember when getting used to a new system is to rely on your supplier – it should be ready to provide support whenever you need it, and this isn’t just at the start. You will have teething problems, even after you think you’ve worked it all out; your supplier’s experts are likely to have had the same issues, so make use of their experience.

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