Cloud desktop: How could it benefit your business?

Embracing the cloud is one thing, but the idea of migrating all of the tools your employees use on a daily basis can be a little daunting to say the least. Here’s why it’s a move worth making

While most businesses are using the cloud in some way or another, not all realise just how much it’s possible to achieve with its support. Yes, you can back files up and archive emails, but what about relying on it to hold all of the computing tools that you and your staff use every day? This is where the idea of a cloud – or hosted – desktop comes in.

A basic explanation

At present, the software and applications you use are likely stored on your computer’s hard-drive, after being installed either via CD ROM or a file downloaded from the internet. With a cloud desktop, these same tools are instead hosted in data centres. This means they can be accessed through the web, regardless of the user’s location.

The benefits

The benefits are simple. With apps no longer tied to specific machines, employees are free to access them from wherever they are. Of course, this wasn’t a huge issue when staff were given laptops, but now, in an age where it’s so normal for one team member to use such a broad collection of devices every day, it offers a new level of flexibility. Simply put, it allows businesses to capitalise on the huge shift towards mobile technologies.

With the set-up still overseen by the company’s central IT department, or even a third-party service provider, it’s also possible to remotely shut each cloud desktop down if necessary. So, if an employee leaves, or if a new outside threat begins to emerge, the company can take the appropriate measures to protect its sensitive data.

A bright future

The use of a hosted desktop requires two main things: a web-compatible device (desktop computer, tablet, smartphone etc.) and a reliable internet connection. Most companies have both of these ingredients already, and with the availability and security of public hotspots improving by the day, the potential of cloud desktop is only set to increase in the coming years.

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