Three of the Best Laptops on the Market in 2015

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With that in mind, and to help anyone who may be looking for a new laptop either for themselves or for their business, we have taken a look at the very best laptop options on the market in 2015 and brought together three of them which might just be exactly what you’re searching for.


The Dell XPS 13

A traditionally trustworthy name when it comes to both PCs and laptops, Dell have really excelled themselves in the shape of their XPS 13.

An impressively powerful and fast running machine that is capable of handling anything that you could throw at it in the course of general home or business use, the XPS 13 crams loads of great features into a really compact frame.

The 13.3 inch and 3,200 x 1,800 resolution screen is the best around when it comes to truly portable laptops, and thanks to taking up an unprecedented percentage of the laptop’s panel space is far larger than you would expect for such a compact laptop.

When it comes to storage too, the XPS 13 compares favourably with all other laptops on the market thanks to its 256GB Solid State Drive (SSD). The presence of that SSD is indeed a real plus, as such drives are far more reliable, quiet and energy efficient than traditional hard disk drives thanks to the fact that they have no moving parts.


The Asus ZenBook UX305

Another example of how laptops today can pack a real punch in spite of their small size and light weight, the Asus ZenBook UX305 also makes for an exceptional choice when it comes to a laptop that you intend to use on a daily basis for either business or personal use or both.

The laptop also has an excellent 13.3 inch screen which, whilst not quite as impressive as that boasted by Dell’s XPS 13, is still one of the best around. The inclusion of Intel’s Core M Processor too, ensures that every day-to-day task via Windows is a breeze and storage is also no problem at all thanks to the presence of a 256GB SSD, similar to that of the XPS 13.

Above and beyond all of those features too, the ZenBook has an outstanding battery life, which according to a raft of different reviews can last anywhere between 13 and 17 hours, and yet still manages to be noticeably cheaper than the other two of our recommended laptops.


The MacBook Air (13 Inch)

One of the original razor thin, light weight and ultra-portable laptops, the newest edition of Apple’s MacBook Air still rates as one of the very best laptops you can buy in 2015.

With a crisp and attractive design that many other laptops in the market have now come to imitate, the MacBook Air combines fashion and function by packing excellent processing power, that all-important 256GB SSD and a stunning LED backlit 13.3 inch display within the stylish exterior.

As has always been the case, the newest edition of the MacBook Air also continues to boasts excellent battery life which has only been improved by the inclusion of fifth generation processors from Intel.

A heady combination of performance, portability and style therefore, a MacBook Air is a great choice for anyone who wants a top class and yet compact laptop which will be a firm favourite with anyone who likes all things Apple.