The Invisible Threat To London’s Economy


London (the Square Mile in particular) is a global hub of business and commerce and makes a vital contribution to the UK’s economic output. Almost a million companies call London their home, and in many ways, they are the lifeblood of the UK economy. Yet when it comes to the speed of their Internet connection – and thus their ability to do business effectively – a very large portion of them are currently being let hung out to dry. 

The entire capital has been left behind by other major European cities and even by most large cities in the UK in terms of broadband connection speeds, causing many businesses to struggle with sub-optimal service. From sending emails to browsing the Web to accessing files in the Cloud, the Internet is a critical part to the proper functioning of any modern business. The fact, therefore, that so many companies are losing out in this area is a situation that cannot be allowed to persist if London is to maintain its competitive edge in the international economy.

In the below infographic, we have brought together some of the more alarming statistics on this topic, which we hope will inspire you to join us in our fight to make things right and bring London up to speed with the rest of Europe!

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