The Benefits of Microsoft MyAnalytics

Have you ever undergone a tedious and nonsense work meeting, which could have been easily explained in an email? One way to detect this issue is by using Microsoft MyAnalytics.


Microsoft MyAnalytics explained


Previously Delve Analytics, Microsoft MyAnalytics works as an application to give you rich data driven insights. In particular, it can look into your working life and highlight the areas where you need to be more productive. This application focuses explicitly on how you spend your time at work and who you choose to spend it with.


These two elements provide a bigger picture of time spent during your working day. Moreover, it highlights what applications take the most time and other areas you can focus your time on.


How does Microsoft MyAnalytics function? 


When using Microsoft MyAnalytics, you are provided with a simple interface known as a dashboard. On this dashboard, there is a range of statistics that incorporate your data from Microsoft applications that you use. More to the point, it focuses on some aspects of applications such as:


  1. Meetings

How much of your time do you use undergoing meetings? How is your time managed in your meetings? Do you multitask during meetings that involve videocalls?


  1. Email

What is the average amount of time you spend checking your emails daily?


Once this data is collected, an analysis is made to review your work routine and if there’s any bad habits or patterns. It also highlights the tools you use the most in your day and what people you connect to while using them. These insights provide you with a greater understanding of your performance at work and inform you about ways to improve on your dashboard


Unique features of Microsoft MyAnalytics


Microsoft MyAnalytics incorporates several types of data to review your performance. To help you understand, we’ve highlighted the specific insights:


Frequency of communication: Microsoft MyAnalytics takes insights from your calendar and contact to find how active you are communicating with them. In particular, it reviews your data every week and also lets you know which colleagues you’ve not spoken to during your week.


Time spent: This application takes data from your email inbox and calendar. It looks at the way you spend your time and how much you spend your time on your goals. In particular, it looks at your metadata, statements and actions. 


Your habits and time spent in meetings: Using this application you will be given a breakdown of how much time you spend in your meetings. It then compares it to the actual time you have compared to your own meetings.


Hours of time concentrating: This specific feature focuses the amount of time you spend on tasks without being distracted from any meetings. This term is known as focus hours, which involves two hours consecutively not spent in a meeting.


Time spent after work: It also looks at how much time you spend working after your scheduled working hours. 


These types of data combined are used by Microsoft MyAnalytics’s artificial intelligence (AI) to gain an overview of your behaviour, work patterns and habits. Once this information is gathered, an analysis is made to see how you can be freer in your workplace and become more efficient.


Advantages of using Microsoft MyAnalytics


We mustn’t forget the benefits that Microsoft MyAnalytics has. Several organisations commonly use it due to high productivity, engagement and streamlined workflow. To help aid your choice, here are some advantages of Microsoft MyAnalytics:


Increased productivity: Its honest data driven insights enable you to understand how to utilise your time, allowing you to focus on the essential tasks.


Personal suggestions: What’s incredible about Microsoft MyAnalytics it provides personalised tips based on your data to help improve your productivity.


Betters your relationships: It allows you to build stronger relationships with your work colleagues as it highlights your relationships where you’re not spending enough time and where you can improve.



Adds to your focus time: Microsoft MyAnalytics reviews the applications you use to multitask and what strategies you can implement to focus on your priorities. This is known as a focus plan to help concentrate on your working ability.  


Improve your work life balance: As it reviews your working hours in your allocating time for working day and after your work, it gives you insights on how to reduce unpaid working time.


Betters your wellbeing: The dashboard feature of Microsoft MyAnalytics provides insight into how effectively you are disconnecting from work and time off. Because of this, it limits your chances from overworking and reduces your risk of suffering from stress or burnout.


Should you use Microsoft MyAnalytics?


Some people may be paranoid about giving away their personal data, such as their time spent on specific applications or how they spend using them. Don’t worry, using Microsoft MyAnalytics you can attentively choose settings on the software which prevents this and only allows the end-user to see their data. 


Which means not even their manager, co-worker, or Microsoft can access this data. To do this, you can talk to an IT support provider on how you can integrate this into your workflow.


Overall, if you wish to have a better work-life balance, we recommend incorporating Microsoft MyAnalytics into your workplace. 


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