Why Cloud-Based Data Backup Will Take Over in All Industries

If a massive security breach should suddenly occur, what will happen to your business? How long would you be able to survive without being able to access your systems? If you lose data that is critical to your day-to-day business processes, what will your fate be?


While that might look like something out of a nightmare, it can quickly become a reality if you do not put the right protection in place. That’s the reason why it is recommended to securely back up your files.


Now, let’s assume you do not have cloud backup for your data. If your data is only stored on a public server or your company’s site and a power failure or natural disaster occurs, you’re left with a potentially damaging outcome if the data is unrecoverable. Despite the number of companies that still practice traditional methods of data backup, the growth of cloud-based backup solutions offers benefits to companies of varying sizes.


What is Cloud-Based Backup?



Cloud backup is when you store your files or data in a well-protected data bank through the Internet. The cloud is said to be a network of remotely connected servers that can be accessed online rather than offline.


Many businesses have already begun using the cloud and its applications in their day-to-day activities for several reasons, some of which entail working hand in hand on several projects, including sharing documents, images, music, and other file types over the Internet. 


Why should you use cloud backup?


Data loss can happen anytime. No one plans to lose essential files. Now that technology offers greater protection, businesses should prepare ahead for the worst-case scenario. Here are five of the best reasons to backup your business data in the cloud:  


Secure your data from getting into the wrong hands


One of the significant advantages of cloud-based backup is its privacy, unlike the traditional backup methods like a physical server where someone can access your files by physically stealing it. This can make your data become exposed to a third party without your authorisation. When your data is then encrypted online, even the cloud service provider cannot even access it.


Real-time data that you can access whenever you need it


With an internet connection in any part of the world, you can access all your information from any device, at any given time as an authorized user. This even makes it even easy to back up your data remotely and on the move,  keeping even your most recent data safe from the threat of loss.


Risk of human error is removed to avoid compromising your data security 


Aside from that the fact traditional tape-based backup is stressful, it is also prone to error on the part of the one handling it. There could be a mistake while handling the tape or missing out on essential details. Cloud-based backup saves you of that stress as it backs up automatically once there’s an internet connection.


Ease of setup and ongoing support options


Cloud based technology is intuitive and has become very user friendly. For small and large businesses integrating the cloud into existing systems and processes is now straightforward with the right IT support.



With all the benefits offered by Cloud-based backup, traditional data backup solutions simply can’t compete.


The future of Cloud-based data backup


Having to upgrade from the traditional backup methods to the cloud, isn’t free but there are a number of reasons it’s worth the costs involved. Leading businesses embrace new digital tech and all it has to offer, and you don’t want to be left behind the rapid advances in technology. The fact is that using the cloud is an investment that gives you a competitive advantage. 


As cloud backup evolves there will be even more secure encryption and greater data accessibility. Cloud-based technology can only get better as more infrastructure,  and advanced solutions deliver powerful capabilities. We can also look forward to the cloud becoming cheaper, faster, and more accessible to everyone over time.


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