8 Ideas to Make Use of Your Old Smartphone

Purchasing a new smartphone is a bittersweet experience, you’re excited to buy a new one but sad to part with your perfectly functioning old one. Often, you don’t even need a new device; it’s just a matter of consumerism. Unless of course, you had a water damaged smartphone or a bad battery. 


Have we made you feel guilty about your new purchase?


Don’t worry; there are plenty of other ways to enjoy a new phone and benefit from your former. After all, you can still give it some love instead of letting it sit and collect dust in a drawer of yours. 


Did you know that your old smartphone probably has a large amount of horsepower?


Well, you do now. Likewise, if you choose not to sell or recycle your former smartphone, we have come up with 8 ways to show it some love.


Use it as a backup mobile


We’re all prone to accidents, and we never know when a smartphone could need repairing. Plus, as soon as our phone breaks, we don’t realise how dependent we are on it to be able to communicate with our friends and family. Perhaps your mobile has been stolen while travelling? Having a backup phone where you can interchange the sim can be a temporary solution until you find your new one.


Play games on it


If you’re a gamer, your old smartphone could be the perfect gaming device! Nowadays, you will find there are lots of cool gadgets which allow you to connect your smartphone to your Xbox or Playstation controller, to better your game! However, not all smartphones and controllers are compatible together. Therefore we suggest doing some research and knowing if you can use it to play the game you want.



Use it as webcam


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, most people require a webcam to undergo conference calls or meetings on Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and more. As opposed to purchasing a webcam itself, why not use your perfectly working camera from your mobile. That way it saves you time waiting for the delivery and the money of buying a new one.


Use it as a remote


There’s nothing worse than watching the TV in your bedroom or living room and the remote slips down the sofa, under the bed or goes missing. What’s great about today’s world, is that a lot of smart phone companies have apps solely designed for remotes which sync up to your TV. 


As mentioned by Tomsguide there is Miremote, Roku, Google Home, Smart Things Mobile, Yatse, Smart TV Remote, Sure Universal TV remote and more. 


A hand me down!


Do you have any younger children who are wanting a mobile for the first time? Your old smartphone could make an excellent present for their first phone. 


This way, you’re familiar with the device and add approved games and apps on your former phone, making it child friendly. Similarly, if the mobile gets damaged or lost, your child may be upset, but you’ll be less upset as it’s your former than paying for a new one. 


Keep it as a media device


Do you remember back in the day, when you’d have separate devices for an mp3 and a mobile? If you wanted to listen to music, you’d use your MP3 and to communicate your iPod. 


Why not bring back the old days and keep your old mobile as a media device to play music. Even better, use it as a library to back up your essential files. Or even give it to your children to keep them entertained and amused.


Donate it


Just like clothes, there are charities out there who are readily waiting to take donations for working mobiles, refurbish them and help out those their charity serves. One well-known charity which is accepting donations is Water Aid. When you donate your mobile with them, they use to clean water, excellent toilets and great hygiene. 


There is also cellphones for soldiers which take your old phone, refurbish them and give them to soldiers and many other charities. 


Remove its components


Why don’t you dissect your former smartphone, take it apart and look at its structure? After all, you’ve been with your old phone for a long time. Does it not spark your curiosity to see what makes up your old phone? Don’t worry; there are specific websites which show you how to carefully take your phone apart and piece it back together, so it’s working. Who knows, after some patience and time, you may become a pro at resembling and could learn how to fix your former smartphone model! 


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