The importance of protecting your business from cyber attacks

With recent estimations suggesting there are more than 150,000 computer viruses in circulation every day, the threat they pose is very real for UK businesses.

Enterprise-level technology and data volumes mean that businesses today cannot be tardy when it comes to protection. Here are just some of the myriad reasons why it should be near the top of business priority lists.

The prevalence of spyware

Spyware is just one threat, but the real danger here is that thousands of individuals and employees fall into its snares every day. Within the Spyware category there are different kinds of nasties, although some are fairly innocuous like joke spyware which is just designed to alarm or annoy someone. However, more sinister spyware applications like remote administration tools, key-loggers or password tools are developed to steal passwords, IDs and data, thus presenting a critical threat to security.

One of the more known and generally feared types of virus is a Trojan horse. Containing malicious code, when executed this application can cause loss or theft of data and system harm. Worms are another kind which slow down networks and spread from computer to computer through email attachments.

Microsoft and Android risks

Many threats are written to target Microsoft devices, but Android software for mobile devices is becoming a growing target. A sign of an infected system could be the computer running very slowly, applications launching by themselves or pop ups appearing out of the blue, with frustrating regularity.

Computer viruses can be debilitating for a business, and they can spread quickly across networks. Not only do they pose a risk to data, there is the added cost and time that needs to go into fixing the issue, not to mention the added disruption caused to businesses in the meantime. Ensuring issues can be resolved in the shortest time possible is important for getting a business back on its feet as soon as possible.

It’s thought that cyber crime costs the UK an estimated £27 billion a year, so it’s clear to see why it’s essential your business is protected from cyber crime and that adequate support is in place in the event that the worst does happen.


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