Should the road to Cloud services be a bumpy ride?

I remember my first flight on an aeroplane; my uncle took me to Spain for a weekend. I totally enjoyed the take-off, it was like being on a roller coaster. However, the bumps that occurred as we flew through the clouds weren’t much fun at all.

It’s the same in IT. When you’re moving to cloud based solutions, the journey can often be bumpy. Vendors often over-promise and under-deliver. They talk about how you can reduce cost and not worry about upgrades ever again, but they don’t tell you about how reliant you’ll become to your internet connection, or how often it is very slow, unless you have the right equipment.


Companies are always looking at ways of reducing costs. Taking things to the cloud is a great way to manage your data and applications, but only if it fits your needs. For example; a finance company might not be FSA compliant if they use a public cloud to store their data, neither would they want to be kept waiting for an application to load due to it being hosted on a cloud.


Many big names have stepped in to the cloud game, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Google all have some form of hosted solution that you may find useful. Just remember that a ‘cloud’ is essentially just a remote server. All you are doing is simply shifting server support from in-house into the hands of the vendors.


The road to implementing cloud services need not be bumpy, as long as you view it as a proper IT project and give it the due respect needed for what is essentially a complicated installation project.


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