10 Common Daily Monitoring Checks for your IT

IT infrastructure is extremely important for the day to day running of most businesses. If your IT Systems were down for the day, think about how much productivity you would lose – that is why you should be monitoring your systems daily. Finding a problem as quickly as possible can stop it from causing your business any down time.

The things that should be checked daily are as follows:

  1. Disk Space – remaining disk space on hard drives should be monitored as low disk space can cause your PC to become slow, especially when opening files.
  2. Performance – All machines performances should be monitored to ensure your PC is running at the best speed possible.
  3. Event Log Checks – Monitoring of all the machines event logs to find any errors, your event logs can show you if there are any types of errors on your system as soon as they appear.
  4. Windows Service Checks – Monitoring of all the services running on machines, ensuring your PC is running quickly with all the relevant programmes.
  5. Drive Space change check – Monitoring the Hard Drives increase or decrease within the past 24 hours, keeping track of your available disk space.
  6. Anti-Virus Update Check – Monitoring of anti-virus signatures to make sure they are all up to date, making sure your systems are always protected.
  7. Backup Checks – Monitoring Back-up completion and any large decreases or increases, ensuring you always have a copy of your data in case you need it.
  8. Exchange Store Size Check – Monitoring the size of exchange databases so your emails remain working.
  9. Safety and Critical Events Check – Any critical logs which have appeared in the event log within the past 24 hours. Checking for any critical events that may need action right away.
  10. Script Checks – This includes all checks of the virtual host which includes issues with fans, CPU’s, memory, PSU’s, sensors, storage, power state of VM’s.

All these checks can prevent problems occurring to your IT system. From a slow PC to a Disaster Recovery situation, finding the problem quickly can help fix it more efficiently without any downtime. This is why daily monitoring checks are so important.

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