Windows 365: Cloud Computing for the Future of Work

Following the continuing hybrid work trend sparked by the global pandemic and continuing through 2022 and beyond, the new Windows 365 offering is poised to revolutionise the way we work. Windows is assisting in making this a reality as more and more workers choose to combine flexibility with in-office and at-home work options.


This is great news for companies using Windows 365 since it will allow workers to work from anywhere on any device while protecting sensitive company information.


What do Hybrid and Windows 365 mean?


Microsoft launched a hybrid cloud computing platform for enterprises on July 14th, 2021, and it became accessible on August 2nd.


An on-premises infrastructure, or private cloud, and a public cloud are combined to form a hybrid cloud. Data and applications may travel instantaneously between the two environments thanks to hybrid clouds.


Defining the Cloud


Many businesses’ futures lie on the cloud. This implies that information will be accessible online and from a variety of devices and locations globally. The cloud provides the adaptability and flexibility required following the COVID-19 epidemic.



As of 2022, 37 percent of respondents to a recent survey of technical professionals indicated that they were already using Microsoft Azure Stack private cloud services. And according to Statista’s latest report, 80 percent of enterprise respondents indicated that they were adopting Microsoft Azure for public cloud usage.


It enables businesses to work whenever it suits them best, and Windows 365 makes it possible to stream tools, apps, and more across various devices.


MS 365 Key Features


Microsoft 365 has added some updated features and enhancements to usability, accessibility, and cybersecurity:


Personal Cloud PC: You will be able to quickly access your cloud computer and enjoy the full Windows experience there.


Flexible Price – Select between monthly and per-user pricing packages.


Quick Setup enables you to install Windows 365 immediately in a couple of minutes or hours.


Security – With Multi-factor Authentication, information security is built-in, and you may provide authorization access for various sorts of data.


Conforming – Dial-in – No more online meetings where a connectivity issue results in awkward pauses.


It is compatible with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Azure Active Directory.


Users have the option to call into a better connection thanks to these integrations.


How Much Does Windows 365 Cost?


Microsoft 365 Business Basic

£4.50 user/month

Price does not include VAT.


Microsoft 365 Business Standard

£9.40 user/month

Price does not include VAT.


Microsoft 365 Business Premium 

£16.60 user/month

Price does not include VAT.


How does Microsoft 365 work?


Any device with an internet connection and a web browser, even those running Android, Mac, or Linux, may access Windows 365, a Windows PC in the cloud.


It is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11. Furthermore, you won’t need to install any software or maintain any hardware for Windows 365 to function properly.


Additionally, it has amazing capabilities that are not available in versions that are not cloud-based.


Cloud security with zero trust


Users may safely transmit data from many devices using the Zero Trust concept. The Zero Trust approach provides for this flexibility because we no longer have the traditional work model of going to an office and those having access inside.


It does this by using many identifying characteristics rather than simply a password. As a result, the security is multilayered and highly protected against attacks or human error. It makes use of IAM, MFA, analytics, encryption, orchestration, and file system permissions among other technologies.


In essence, it tells the cloud network not to trust anyone unless it is certain they are not a threat. According to Statista, 72% of organisations either now use or aim to use zero trust in their operations.


The term “hybrid work” will have new significance with Windows 365


Microsoft provides businesses the option to implement these new practises by paving the way for hybrid work.


Future generations will have safer and easier access to all the knowledge they need to work.


The four walls of the office are exposed to the outside world thanks to cloud technology and Zero Trust security, allowing us to operate from any location we choose.


New features added to Microsoft 365 in 2022


Now that hybrid work is just work, Microsoft has added more features to balance employee demands for flexibility with changing business needs.


Microsoft Teams and Windows 11


Microsoft has added more than 450 new capabilities to Microsoft Teams over the course of the last year to facilitate synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.


Offering more dynamic presentations with tools like Cameo, PowerPoint Live, and Recording Studio; facilitating collaboration that is time- and place-independent with Microsoft Loop; and supporting hybrid meetings with Front Row and AI-powered Intelligent Cameras and Intelligent Speakers.


Making every digital employee experience a priority


A dispersed, digital-first workforce necessitates a rethinking of the conventional employment experience. The first employee experience platform, Microsoft Viva, was unveiled last year. It combines information, communities, objectives, and insights directly in the Teams work flow. It keeps workers in contact.


Microsoft Viva Goals, a goal-setting and management tool helps teams connect with your organisation’s strategic goals in order to produce outcomes.


Microsoft Viva Engage, a brand-new Teams app that fosters connections and community while also giving users the means to express themselves. Building on Yammer’s strengths to create community, encourage participation, and expand personal networks while work is still being done, Viva Engage introduces consumer-style social networking to the office.


A leader may encourage two-way interactions, provide information and thoughts, respond to inquiries, and make people feel heard and involved. It may boost overall company morale as well as productivity.


It’s clear Microsoft 365 is a powerful suite of tools for working online, and can help workers stay connected to each other and aligned with the organization’s strategic goals.


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