How do you solve a problem like automation

It seems that robots are coming for our jobs, but all is not lost – how should your business go about preparing for the seemingly inevitable shift?

Technology’s influence on the modern business world cannot be ignored. The speed at which routine tasks can be completed has rocketed, and data is now at the heart of every decision the average company makes. At present, it’s normal for employees to be completely IT-dependent – so much so that they often take the tools at their disposal for granted.

As is usually the case with anything tech-related, the evolution will continue – and the next step has even less human involvement.

Automation is already big business, but it’s about to get bigger. According to data published recently by Deloitte and the University of Oxford, technology could make more than a third of the British workforce redundant in the next two decades. Those in lower-paid roles are said to be most at risk, with Londoners more likely than people anywhere else in the country to be impacted.

Of course, this is concerning news for those who could possibly lose their jobs, but it also signals a wave of new opportunities for businesses to consider. Providing the right investments are made, the potential to boost efficiency – and thus cut operational costs – is huge.

In order to capitalise, however, organisations must be properly prepared. While it’s inevitable that a large number of manual jobs will eventually be replaced by connected machinery, new roles will also arise as a result of the shift. If the transition is to be a smooth one, the spotlight has to be placed firmly on training sooner rather than later.

In order to stay relevant, firms must be ready to manage the movement of their own workforces towards new occupations. Workers will be forced to develop their skillsets quickly in the coming years, but it’s not just in the interests of those who are at risk of redundancy. Employers that don’t support the transition – or only pay attention when it’s too late – are more likely to fall victim to the resulting skills gaps.


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