SMBs must shine the spotlight on network reliability

With IT now such an integral part of the modern business landscape, the quality of your network design simply cannot be overlooked

The majority of small and medium businesses (SMBs) rely heavily on IT; that much is indisputable. In most enterprise contexts, it will be used to power processes, store data and share information on a daily basis. The efficiency with which this technology works, however, depends largely on network quality – and this is where so many companies fail.

As some IT managers will know already, it’s normal for an SMB’s network to appear as though it’s been thrown together. Typically comprising a mismatched collection of consumer-grade equipment collected over the company’s earliest stages, these messy setups simply don’t offer the support needed in such a demanding environment.

The problem here is quite often a lack of proper strategy. Without the right management tools – and approach – things can quickly descend into chaos – those responsible for the network are left to chase problems after they happen, always one or two steps behind. Eventually, the hiccups grow into more significant issues, too sizeable for management to ignore. Why wait for this to happen before making amends, though?

Any business owner could be forgiven for doing all they can to keep costs down when starting up, and it’s inevitable that some corners will be cut. It’s important to realise, however, that an organisation’s network is too important for design quality to be compromised. It may be cheaper to use consumer-grade equipment, for instance, but it won’t be long before cracks start to appear as the pressures of growth pile up.

While the importance of network reliability cannot be overstated, not every company is in the position to have a dedicated IT manager in place to deal with the necessary implementation and maintenance work. In such situations the assistance of an expert provider is, without doubt, the best way to go.


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