Privacy Trends: Why Privacy Matters In 2021

The primary trend for 2021 and beyond will see privacy as a marketing tactic – and that is a pretty good trend on all counts. More customers are becoming aware of the effect their data privacy will have on their day-to-day. And will begin to look for alternatives to Google and data-driven social media sites. 


Not to mention, the regulations on data privacy will become more rigorous throughout this year. And unless you’re alright with being slapped with a hefty fine on your business, then read through the five privacy trends to look out for this year.



  1. Be Aware of New Cookie Laws


Here are some examples of what to be aware of in terms of Cookie trends:-


  • Permission – More websites are using pop-up permission requests, offering users the choice of cookies they enable or disable. Allowing them to decide what is done with their personal data. 
  • Fines – France’s CNIL hit Google and Amazon with a fine for their use of automatic cookies. The fine was a whopping £91 million for Google and £32 million for Amazon. This was done for lack of user consent, showing the importance of keeping up-to-date with privacy trends.
  • Providing a Service into the EU – As with the previous example, businesses operating in the EU, need to keep a keen eye on the emerging privacy trends to avoid such fines.


  1. The Effect Brexit Will Have


The effect of Brexit will become an issue for UK and EU organisations. Because they will need to gain an understanding of the UK GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). As it is interlinked with the DPA (Data Protection Act) of 2018.


If a business operates both in the UK and EU, the subtle differences in regulations caused by Brexit could trip many organisations up. So, it would be wise to stay up-to-date on all rules that the European Data Protection Board and GDPR provide.


  1. Growing Public Awareness On Privacy Rights


Discussions on data and privacy are all over social media and other public domains. Documentaries like The Great Hack on Netflix and social media’s privacy tech worker Robert G. Reeve, among others, are bringing privacy to the public domain. People understand that phone data, unique device ID, location, demographics, purchases etc., are collecting information to give to advertisers. 


This will not only make it more difficult for businesses to sell due to data no longer being a subconscious form of marketing. But it will negate customer trust due to the number of data breaches in the press.


So be prepared for DSARs (Data subject access requests) to become the norm for legal actions. As DSARs are individuals’ rights to ask what data is being stored about them, it will inevitably be to a company’s detriment.



  1. Authorities and GDPR


The EU is cracking down on GDPR more regarding both data breaches and data protection.  Authorities will be keeping an eye on regulations and things like adequacy decisions. An “adequacy decision” will be made by the EU regarding the UK data protection rules to allow data transferral.


  1. Transparency is The Future of Business


The Cisco 2019 Consumer Privacy Survey discovered that over 50% of consumers would happily switch companies due to better data policies or data sharing practices. The importance of trust is an ever-strengthening trend we see in consumer habits. 


Take the time to build trust in consumer privacy, and you could see a 30% increase in profits. As we’ve seen from influencers online, those that practice honesty and adopt a giving rather than receiving mentality tend to rise to the top. So aim to put transparency and compassion at the forefront of business.


To Summarize


To sum up, the privacy trends that will be emerging throughout 2021:-


  • Cookie consent will be reviewed, so be sure to add permissions 
  • Consistently stay up-to-date with regulations for both UK and EU data regulations
  • Be prepared for DSARs to become the norm
  • Aim to build trust with customers via marketing towards transparency and more effective privacy 
  • Create value for consumers through compassion 


Consumers are becoming more aware of both the advertising landscape and the need to help create a better world. They do not want their data to be misused, quite rightly. Work towards creating a brand that values their customers, their privacy and shares similar values; in reshaping a better future. Not only will your customers thank you, but you will find more joy in your entrepreneurial ventures.  


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