New Recession Looming because of London Internet speeds?

We believe that the lack of fibre broadband is killing the excitement of running a small business.

In day to day terms, this lack of fibre broadband equates to:

  1. Email being very slow, and sometimes not working at all.
  2. SMB’s often can’t move to the Cloud even though many providers, Microsoft included, have stopped selling non-Cloud SMB solutions.
  3. SMB staff have to work up to twice as long to do the same job.
  4. Much of an SMB’s day is dealing with IT issues to do with the Internet.
  5. Even 4G solutions are often only providing 3G or less connection speeds.
  6. 400, 000 people work in the city of London, 80% of those are SMB’s, that’s 320k in the Square Mile alone that have to battle along with poor internet every day.
  7. London has around 9 million workers; the density of companies increases as you get closer to the centre. An estimated 6 million people work in the 0-20% region of superfast fibre broadband coverage – which we believe is closer to 0%. So that leaves 80% – up to 4.8million people – suffering with shockingly poor internet.
  8. BT’s fibre broadband postcode checker reveals no connection from Belgravia in the west to Canary Wharf in the east, and from Marylebone in the north to Millbank in the south and everywhere in between including Soho, Westminster, Whitechapel, Wapping, Mayfair and St. Pauls.


How can we possibly believe that there is not enough demand for this service?


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