Is Google Workspace the Right Choice for Your Business?

Google Workspace, a SaaS (Software as a Service) application, replaced G-Suite as the brand name for Google’s suite of productivity apps, Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, Sheets, and other Google cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools are among the features.

The massive transition to remote working that we witnessed in the last two years necessitated the need to simplify and save time for people and enterprises that generally switch between apps over 1,000 times each workday. 


When compared to G Suite, providing a single unified interface will increase productivity. Workspace combines G Suite applications and capabilities with additional functionality, such as remote communication and document collaboration, to guarantee company data is managed in one place.

Google Workspace also refreshed the corporate logo, demonstrating how Google applications have evolved over the previous ten years. They are no longer distinct goods; instead, they completely integrate and operate best when used together.

What functionality is available in Google Workspace?


Google Workspace lets users consolidate organisation by creating groups, managing finances, and planning various activities using time-saving integrated technologies like as Gmail, Chat, Meet, and Google Docs:


  • Create and collaborate on documents in real time, making it simple to collaborate on material with anybody.
  • Previewing material without leaving the main document saves time switching between programs.
  • Mention someone in a document to demonstrate necessary edits, offer context, propose activities, or start a video chat.
  • Gmail, Chat, Docs, Sheets, and other tools allow you to see and hear your colleagues. The delivered file was only viewable in G-Suite, but with Google Workspace, the presenter can also see the audience viewing the file in real time.
  • Workspace interfaces with Microsoft 365, allowing files to be uploaded across operating systems, enhancing collaboration among Microsoft users.


What are the features of Google Workspace?



Gmail: In addition to Gmail’s usual capabilities, such as spam filtering, email filtering, message scheduling, and snoozing, the Workspace edition is ad-free. It allows for the personalization of staff email addresses as well as easy interaction with other Workspace products.

Drive: Drive is a cloud-based storage solution that provides safe access to Workspace data. The Starter Package includes 30GB of storage space, while the Standard Package includes 2TB, the Business Plus Package includes 5TB, and the G-Business Package includes limitless storage. Shared drives are perfect for distant or collaborative work.

Docs: Docs is Google’s word processor, which includes Sheets, Slides, and Forms. It allows up to 10 individuals to work on a document at the same time, with up to 200 people able to see it at the same time.

Calendar: Calendar, which integrates seamlessly with other Workspace products, enabling workers to keep track of their appointments and view colleague availability.

Work Insights: Providing comprehensive reporting For managers and administrators, Work Insights is an useful Workspace feature. Work Insights monitors employee performance and engagement by using charts and statistics to deliver insights on cooperation and productivity.

Vault: Vault is Google’s archiving solution that assists organisations with navigating data policies, such as how long data may be preserved depending on your company’s needs. Vault may also be used to generate audit reports and export data in a variety of formats. Its search features allow users to look for files by file type, user, date, and keyword.

Chat: Along with the video service Meet (see below), Google Chat replaces Hangouts as Google’s main chat platform, enabling users to communicate with contacts directly. Send private messages to a single individual, a whole group, or up to 8,000 users at once using the room feature.

Meet: As remote working becomes the new normal, video conferencing is becoming more important in business. Meet is Workspace’s video conference service, with access through Gmail or Calendar.

Endpoint: Endpoint monitors and maintains all devices registered to a business, and all deployed security elements, including password restrictions and data handling standards, may be adapted to corporate regulations.


Benefits of Google Workspace

Google Workspace for Business is a great management system for companies who want to make the move to a more online approach to their work. There are several benefits to using the Google Workspace services the suite offers. Some of these benefits include: 

  • The ease of scalability. Google has proven that it can keep up with many users, showing that it can support your organisation no matter how large or small it may be.  
  • Increased productivity. Google Workspace was designed with collaboration in mind and allows your employees to share ideas and finished projects instantly, so teams work efficiently and cooperatively. 
  • Cost savings. As a platform that offers packages based on a pay-per-use model, Google Workspace’s SaaS is ideal for organisations with multiple devices, as it offers reduced costs compared to models that insist on per-device pricing schemes. 
  • Remote access and ease of mobility. Google Workspace is very secure and easy to use, which makes it easy to access from anywhere, increasing the possibility of working remotely. 
  • User-friendly interface. Your organisation will save a lot of time when implementing the Google Workspace as you will not have to send staff on extensive training to learn about the platform.
  • Improved security. Companies can choose to implement security options like 2 step verification when using Google Workspace. They also have very strict policies regarding data protection and ownership, giving you peace of mind. 



Now that you’ve learned about some of Google Workspace’s best features, you may want to learn about additional valuable products and services for small companies. With so many fantastic services on the market, it’s important to conduct your research and figure out what works best for your business.



Have you seen Workspace in action? Check out Google’s demo video to learn how Google Workspace can improve workplace collaboration and how the capabilities can help your remote employees realise their full potential.



Has the price changed?

Google Workspace products vary from G Suite packages in order to reflect expanded capabilities while also delivering a more targeted solution for big and small organisations.



The Small Business Package is simple to use and inexpensive. With enterprise-grade administrative data protection, the Enterprise Package provides more insight and productivity.



Important: The Enterprise Package is the only one that provides for customised data storage for compliance purposes, while the Small Business Package stores data worldwide by default. Please contact us if you want to learn more.



What is the best option for my company?

We can assist you whether you are currently using Google’s Tools or wish to explore other options such as Microsoft SharePoint. Our team can advise you on the best products and packages for your needs. 


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