How to Use Technology to Make Your Business Meetings More Effective

Meetings, let’s face it, are frequently unsuccessful. They might require a lot of printed materials and take a lot of time away from other projects that need staff. Only one person can contribute at any given time. The time required to write and distribute minutes is another factor. It might be challenging to delegate tasks and keep track of follow-up actions. Because “that’s how it’s always been done,” meetings are frequently handled in this way, and many business leaders simply lack the time to evaluate whether there could be a better approach.


The truth is that the game has changed significantly since online forums and applications first appeared. Meetings may be significantly more effective, entertaining, and beneficial. Additionally, it’s good to know that many online meeting solutions are either free or very reasonably priced. All you need is an internet-connected smart device with working audio, microphone, and camera.


When ideas are put into practise, there will almost likely be a learning curve, but they might have a big impact on the effectiveness of your meetings and the follow-up procedure. Visit your IT support team for advice if you’re unsure of where to start. They should be able to provide you with some ideas. To make the most of your next business meeting, take into account using some of these tech tips. Following them would alleviate a lot of stress associated with attending frequent business meetings.



Get ready for the format update


Before introducing a new way of holding meetings, it’s a good idea to evaluate your material and the meeting’s objectives. A face-to-face encounter is considerably different from a digital meeting. Meetings, workshops, assisted sessions, and lectures all serve distinct purposes and require different approaches when conducted online. Ensure that your staff and content are prepared to benefit from the new format. It’s okay if there are issues during the first few meetings; as the new settings are used to, the sessions will get better.


Using a digital whiteboard for brainstorming


The traditional setting for brainstorming sessions was a whiteboard or a piece of paper. It was once a fantastic technique to encourage teamwork, but today many teams operate across multiple time zones. If the team members are not in the same room, a whiteboard cannot be utilised. Many apps are now available that make it possible to accomplish this online. Thanks to screen-sharing and the use of finger touch technologies on tablets, every visitor has the opportunity to take part and witness how the board grows. Typically, the output may be saved, and some applications can even turn handwritten notes into text that can be searched.


Gathering ideas from a group


In this case, any conference-goer is free to add notes, ideas, and contributions to a common “wall” at any time. Everyone can be convinced to take part. Since it is a more passive medium, introverted workers could feel more at ease contributing. This is a great resource for incorporating distant workers, encouraging cooperation, and building a sense of teamwork. By enabling everyone to contribute without having to adhere to a hierarchy, it creates an even playing field. Finally, quick thinkers may convey their ideas straight away rather than waiting for their turn or, even worse, forgetting what they were going to say.


Full digital flexibility


As the use of virtual conference rooms increases, so does the way distant workers communicate. Meetings on the road are now possible thanks to the ability to exchange video conversations among devices without losing connection. Chat boxes function in conjunction with voice and video channels. File transfers may be made safely in real time. These digital environments may occasionally connect with other programmes, such as calendars for scheduling, or cloud-based data servers, like the Google suite. A digital collaborative workplace is one like Slack. All contributions are saved in this online, cloud-based workspace, which also incorporates third-party applications like ZenDesk and Salesforce and offers both private and group chat.


Getting more opinions


Receiving feedback on tasks or training sessions could be challenging. The cost of distributing paper forms is significant, and their return rates are often low. If you incorporate brief online surveys into your digital training sessions, you’ll increase the response rate. These surveys are frequently conducted in an anonymous manner, resulting in more accurate responses. Some online meeting software has a “hands up” option that may be a quick and unobtrusive way for moderators or hosts to gauge participation and comprehension during a session. Depending on how the meeting is structured, questions may be asked and answered in addition to the main presentation of information. Moderators could be in charge of this or they might let other people weigh in.


How to behave while meeting online


Online gathering spaces have the potential to be extremely effective at uniting individuals. Since the environment is different from an in-person meeting, there are a few things to bear in mind.


Use these tips to get the most out of your online time.

  • Assume that your microphone and camera are always on.
  • It’s better to refrain from eating or drinking throughout the meeting.
  • Make eye contact with your audience directly.
  • Avoid being distracted by checking emails or sending texts.
  • Avoid wearing loud jewellery and go for clothes without stripes to lessen visual attention.
  • By speaking more slowly and halting more often, you can account for transmission delays.
  • Instead of engaging in side conversations and disrupting others, focus on the main speaker.


Digital meeting spaces might result in considerable time and labour savings. Nearly always, the data collected is immediately saved and made available to participants in real time. This makes responsibility and follow-up much easier. It may greatly increase the effectiveness of your upcoming business meeting.



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