Getting the most out of your VoIP solution

VoIP can be an incredibly valuable tool for your business, but only if you approach it in the right way

VoIP – or Voice over Internet Protocol – technology has existed for some time, but with the cloud and unified communications (UC) now more prominent than ever, it’s becoming cheaper, more accessible and even more useful. Like any IT investment, the return should be predicted beforehand. When this ROI isn’t realised, it’s often the CIO who takes the blame. There are ways, however, of maximising the benefits of such a service before you’ve even started using it.

Devise a long-term strategy

It takes money to make money, and it’s important to remember this when considering VoIP. The implementation will cost, and it will take time for the workforce to make the switch from their traditional systems – but it will be worth it.

The benefits of VoIP are plentiful, but the biggest will come when the system has been in use for some time. Cost-savings, for example, should start to build the more it is utilised by the workforce. As such, it’s a bad idea to get drawn in by introductory deals – these tend to be more expensive in the long-run. Instead, spend a little extra to ensure reliability and support levels are high.

Tailor your VoIP

As useful as VoIP is, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Taking the most basic package without considering the company’s own needs could be extremely counter-productive. Remember that every business is different, and the reason you’re considering investing in VoIP is likely to differ from that of the business next door.

Talk to providers about how they could tailor the package to suit your needs. You may, for example, benefit from a more flexible package, especially if you’re anticipating growth.

Involve the workforce

While it’s used for many of the same reasons, switching to VoIP will still be a big deal for your business. It’ll seem even bigger to your employees if they’re not kept in the loop throughout. Before even speaking to potential providers, discuss the benefits and challenges of the transition with those who are actually going to be directly impacted; talk about how their jobs will become easier. Once they’re on board, the move should be much easier.

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