Email archival – Why is it such a good idea

Archiving is a term that most business owners will have heard, but so many still aren’t giving it the necessary attention. Here’s why you should invest…

While technologies like fax and even SMS are falling into obscurity as new alternatives become available, email has stood the test of time. The fact that it’s one of the most prominent features of the average unified communications (UC) solution is testament to this. With so many messages being sent back and forth on a daily basis, however, there are a number of things to consider. Archival is one of them, and there are numerous reasons why it should be a given in any IT-using business.


Seeing as most data is sensitive these days, businesses have a lot of government legislation with which to comply. Much of this is related to how the information is stored and used, especially when it involves members of the public. A comprehensive email archival solution should take this into account and hold data in a way that fits in with the appropriate rules and regulations.

IT performance

According to the Radicati Group, more than 100 billion business emails were sent or received every day in 2013, a figure that’s expected to rise considerably between now and 2017. As a business’s inboxes begin to fill up, its IT systems will begin to feel the pressure. Processes will become slower over time, eventually hindering employee productivity. By archiving the messages regularly, valuable space can be kept free.

Litigation support

Businesses face being hit with legal action on a daily basis, whether they act improperly or not. When such a risk is always present, it makes sense to have all bases covered in case anything does happen. The information sent between one employee and another, or even to and from a client, could be used as evidence in a court case years down the line, so it’s important to have it to hand. You may also be required, by law, to produce certain evidence in such a situation. As such, having the information archived and easily accessible could prove the difference between success and failure in court – along with all the ramifications that could follow each outcome.

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