Education is the key to stress-free cloud adoption

Moving to the cloud should be a collaborative process – failure to involve the employees who are supposed to be benefiting from it could be disastrous

While the benefits are pretty clear for most businesses, moving to the cloud can seem like a daunting task. In some cases, an inability to see past the upheaval is enough to stop a move altogether. Changing the way your workforce operates on a day-to-day basis is certainly a big ask, but there are ways to ensure things go smoothly.

One of the first big things to focus on is education. Whatever it is that’s changing – be it a cloud move or general technology policies – a lack of understanding will always cause problems, so it’s crucial to keep all affected employees in the loop.

The associated training and preparation must be linked to the needs of each team. For many workers, this will be their first experience of a new technology, so it’s important to highlight the ways in which such a transition will make their professional lives easier.

Alongside this emphasis on positivity, CIOs should look to subtly make the whole company aware of the potential pitfalls of not moving to the cloud. Failure to keep up with competitors could, for example, hinder growth and – in turn – limit opportunities for personal progression.

Forcing such a huge change on any workforce is a bad idea – the whole process must be collaborative. Instead of just introducing a new way of doing things and expecting people to get on board, it might be an idea to offer a range of applications to see which ones employees adapt to best. This could also be helped by carrying out detailed research beforehand to see what people actually think of the cloud and how they’d like to benefit from it.

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