The Cost of a Slow Computer Network

When it comes to your computer network(s) it might seem like you’re saving money by being reactive. Essentially, that means you’re only spending money when something breaks. However, is that actually true?

Precisely what is the genuine cost of slow pcs and why do they slow down over time?

Just about every IT department has an employee who endeavours to keep abreast with all the network/computer troubles and the majority do alright. However, do they have the skills to ensure your entire network is operating at optimum efficiency?

Consider the consequences that sluggish computers have on your business

  • frustrated staff, causes low morale, which will be noticed by your clients
  • lost productivity, because jobs take longer to complete than they should
  • lost productivity typically ends in lost profitability, which slows growth

And that’s only sluggish computers, consider when your network actually goes down. Talk about lost productivity! At this point you’re paying staff to do absolutely nothing!

You may believe that purchasing a monitoring and maintenance contract would be too costly, but have you thoroughly reviewed the price of lost productivity and the resulting loss in profitability? Have a look at the calculator below and ensure you consider all of these costs when figuring out whether or not proactive monitoring is too costly.


Downtime Cost Calculator

The following template will assist in your understanding of how much your business loses when your network goes down. Use estimates if you don’t have actuals – you will be surprised by the outcome (The figures in the table below are purely illustrative, please input your own company’s information.


Consider the number of occasions during the past 24 months that you had sluggish computers or total network failure.

Nearly all IT repair services need at least 4-8 hours to get you running again. Additionally, many engineers can’t get onsite to investigate your problem until the following day, or perhaps even 2 days later. You’re therefore likely to be without experienced support for up to 48 hours – and without a network for even longer.

Were you aware that 20% of SMEs will suffer a significant system failure leading to the loss of critical data every 5 years (Source: Richmond Property Group) and that 93% that lost data for 10 days or more applied for bankruptcy inside 1 year and 50% applied immediately.

In 2013, 40% of SMEs managing their own network and using the Internet for more than e-mail, will have their system accessed by a hacker – and more than 50% of them won’t even realize they were the victim of an attack. (Source: Gartner Group)