Why arent businesses investing in mobile technologies

Companies are usually pretty quick to invest when there’s money to be made in the long term, so it’s odd that few are budgeting for mobile

Mobile technology has changed the way businesses operate. More often than not, it’s for the better; flexibility has rocketed, driving major increases in productivity for the majority of those who have embraced the shift.

That’s not to say the revolution doesn’t have its problems, though. Just because mobile is affecting the whole enterprise landscape doesn’t mean that every business has actually chosen to embrace it. The whole shadow IT concept now extends to smartphones and tablet computers, and the resulting security hazards are well documented.

The results of a recent survey from accounting solutions firm Sage North America show that enterprises just aren’t investing in mobile in the same way they might with other major technological shifts.

After surveying businesses in the manufacturing, food, construction and distribution sectors, it found that almost three quarters (74 per cent) don’t actually budget for mobile. This seems like a large enough proportion as it is, but it’s even more surprising when considering that 51 per cent of the same respondents say they rely on mobile devices and applications for working away from the office.

The issue might be that many don’t feel like they have budget for mobile when employees are using their own devices.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing that BYOD is so prominent in modern enterprise landscape, but firms must manage the shift properly if they expect to benefit safely and properly. Instead of spending on actual devices and applications, money should go to policy management and training; it’s these parts of the process that will ensure security and levels of work quality remain high.

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