10 things to know about the new iPhone 6

Apple launched its latest version of the iPhone on Tuesday.  The new handsets are some of the biggest released by the tech giant, with plenty of new features. Here are 10 things you must know about the new iPhones:

  1. SIZE: The iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch-screen, while the 6 Plus is 5.5 inches. This is the first time that Apple has increased its screen size by so much, however they remain smaller than some of the Android models.
  2. PRICE: In the UK, the iPhone 6 will retail from £539, while the 6 Plus will start from £619.
  3. WHEN: Pre-booking starts in the UK on Friday 12/9, release date has been set for 1 week later on the 19th. If you are one of the early birds carrying one, expect the new iPhones to be a major conversation starter.
  4. CALLING: The phones now have a wi-fi calling facility, meaning calls can be made and received if you are in a wi-fi zone only and do not have mobile phone network coverage.
  5. WEIGHT: With the iPhone 6 coming at 6.9 mm and the 6 Plus at 7.1 mm, these are the thinnest models Apple has produced, a point made very early in the launch presentation. Thinner usually means lighter and this might be a way to take on the bigger, heftier Android-based smartphones.
  6. SCREEN SAFETY: iPhone users have had to put up with the inconsistencies of a delicate screen that could shatter even on low-level impact.  With what they claim is a shatter-proof sapphire crystal screen, Apple hopes to win back that love.  They will also be mostly smudge-proof, as well as water resistant.
  7. CAMERA: The older models had fallen behind in camera quality, with even low-priced smartphones carrying far better cameras. The iPhone 6 has improved to an 8 MP iaSight camera and a new sensor.
  8. BATTERY LIFE:  This was another bone of contention in previous models and the new models will both run on a non-removable Li-Po1810 mAh battery that is expected to provide increased use-time.
  9. SPEED: Both models come with the next generation A8, the fastest processor available, which they tell us will speed up computing, as well as save energy.
  10. DISPLAY: The new models feature Retina HD display for a clearer view, as standard. They come in multiple resolution options, with the high-end 6 Plus weighing in at 1080 pixels, however they still fall behind some of the Android-based phablets QuadHD displays.