What will cloud-adopting businesses look like in the future

The cloud is changing how businesses operate, and flexibility is easily the order of the day

Most businesses have changed pretty drastically over the last 20 years, with technology playing a huge part in the shift. This in an ongoing journey, which means that many of today’s buzzwords will be the norm for tomorrow’s enterprise. The cloud is one technology on the verge of becoming a corporate staple – so what should we expect firms to look like in 2020?

Services on-call

The cloud can provide most businesses with new levels of flexibility, simply because it allows them to take advantage of available services as and when they’re needed. If the workforce grows quickly and payroll duties become too complex and labour-intensive, for example, it’s possible to find a cloud-based solution to ease some of the stress. A move like this can be made without heavy investment, and can even be reversed, should things return to their previous state.

David challenging Goliath

Largely because of the versatility mentioned above, small businesses will find they’re able to compete on a much higher level. Put simply, companies are no longer restricted by the size of their IT infrastructure budgets. The cloud gives them easy and flexible access to many of the tools traditionally reserved for their industries’ bigger players. This includes the things that would otherwise require significant initial investments, like file storage and archiving.

A hive mentality

The whole concept of teamwork is likely to change as well, with the average business beginning to adopt more of a hive mentality. As the cloud’s presence continues to grow, the importance of having a bricks-and-mortar base will move in the opposite direction. Companies can operate across countries, continents or even the world, without productivity being affected. Again, flexibility is the key word here – it’s possible to rely on the most suitable people for any given task, regardless of their physical location.

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