When is the right time to replace your legacy data centre?

More and more companies are choosing to get rid of their legacy data centres in favour of moving to the cloud, but is it the right time for you to do the same?

When your growth is out of control

A legacy data centre may have served you well when your business was just starting out, but now your IT department is struggling to keep up with your growth. Over the years, you’ve built up a complex infrastructure environment, consisting of many operating systems, applications and hardware, most of which is now outdated. You may even have more than one data centre, making the environment much more complicated than it needs to be. A hybrid solution would certainly help simplify things.

When you need to save money

Moving to the cloud will not only help consolidate data centres and severs, it will save you money. Depending on how much you’re spending now, you could save thousands by reducing the outlay on data centre hosting. You won’t need to rent as much floor space and spend so much on power and cooling, as a lot of the equipment you were using is no longer necessary.

This will also free up your IT department’s time, as it can now focus on the business side of IT rather than worrying about just merely keeping things up and running.

When you need to scale it down

Most businesses tend to experience busy periods during certain times of the year, and in order to meet the demands received in that period, you need a system that’s sized up to deal with that peak. This means that during the quieter periods, your infrastructure is under-utilised, as a data centre cannot be scaled up and down on demand.

The public cloud makes it possible to manage increased workloads during busy period, getting rid of the inefficient system you currently have in place.

It really is a question of when rather than if you’ll move from a legacy data centre to the cloud. With all the benefits the cloud brings, it’s easy to see why so many companies are turning their backs on their legacy data centres and soon, you will be too.


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