Raising awareness – The key to effective cyber-security

Spend as much as you want on IT security measures and policy creation, but it’ll mean nothing if the team isn’t on board.

Protecting your data in today’s cyber crime-ridden business landscape is no mean feat, but there are steps you can take to strengthen your defences. All too often companies invest heavily in their security infrastructure without taking the time to ensure their workforces are up to speed with the changes. Increasing awareness, however, should be the first step.

Organisations must realise how important a part people have to play in the creation of an effective security strategy; attacks happen every day but many of the most basic breaches could easily be avoided if existing policies are followed.

Tightening regulations and introducing new rules with little thought is not the way forward; it can actually be counterproductive. Instead, a culture of security should be cultivated over time, with employees made aware of why they’re required to work in a certain way.

It’s normal for hacking incidents to feature in the media these days. See these as opportunities to highlight the impact that team members’ actions could have on the business as a whole. The key is to make employees more aware of how they behave when using technology.

Mistakes will happen but try to ensure they occur in as safe an environment as possible. Without getting things wrong and experimenting, staff members are unlikely to learn how to improve.

When defining your policies, it’s also important to remember that security isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The measures you introduce will depend on the specific threats your business faces, not just those you’ve seen in the media. This will no doubt be helped by the fact that your employees should have an interest in your industry.

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