Prosyn Rebrands to EC-MSP Limited

This month, we launched our new website and officially became known as EC-MSP Ltd.


The reason that we are having to do this is that way back in 1995, a company in the chemical industry patented a system that helps companies with something called Process Synthesis, and quite logically, called it PROSYN.


We came along in 2002 and decided to call ourselves Prosyn as well and until relatively recently, neither of us knew that the other existed and there was no problem. With the massive improvements in machine learning in recent years, PROSYN has apparently taken off hugely and they now count the likes of Shell amongst their clients. It became apparent to them last year that companies who were looking for them on the Internet were finding their way to us instead, and even though we are in an entirely different industry, they approached us and asked us to change our name. We had some conversations with them regarding this and the reality of the situation was that they were undoubtedly using the name before we were, so we reluctantly agreed that we would have to do this.


The change was made legally back in February 2019 and we have been EC-MSP Limited trading as Prosyn since then, but as we are now launching the new website and starting to use our new email addresses it is sadly time to say goodbye to Prosyn for good.  


I would imagine that the reasons for EC-MSP are fairly self-explanatory, but just in case it is only obvious to us, I will explain anyway! EC is the post code that we were located in when we started the company up all those years ago and we have been here ever since, so as we were born and raised here it seemed reasonable to use it in the new name even though we now have clients throughout London and even further afield. We are an MSP (Managed Service Provider) so marrying the two together seemed a logical choice.


Onwards and upwards!