Microsoft Modern Workplace: What Is It?

It’s no secret that the shape of the work-life balance is changing in this modern era. Multi-generational workforces are joining together online rather than the typical office desk careers. Microsoft modern workplace is an intelligent solution to help employees globally connect and work together securely.


Microsoft 365 technologies simplify the management of businesses’ IT and empower their workforces to be independent. A survey published by the Harvard Business Review found eight out of ten organisations reportedly embracing agile within the software development area. Due to Covid-19, this is especially true as remote workers have increased to more than half of Londoners (57.2%) that have worked from home.


What does the Microsoft Modern Workplace have to Offer?


Microsoft Modern Workplace has a range of applications that boost productivity and provide employees collaboration capabilities alongside keeping systems and company data completely secure. These applications include:


  • Office 365
  • Exchange Email
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security (Device management)
  • Microsoft Business Voice
  • Sharepoint (Document management)
  • Azure (Data storage)
  • Apps including Power BI, Microsoft Teams, and Power Automate


How does Modern Workplace Work?


The Modern Workplace is like a business Swiss army knife, with its integrated, seamless ecosystem. It’s intuitive for users, as most employees are familiar with Microsoft, and it is both agile and scalable for businesses. It also has Microsoft Power Automate, enabling companies to implement both Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Digital Automation effortlessly throughout the industry. 


Automating more straightforward tasks gives employees the chance to focus on creating innovation within their company. This built-in AI allows you to cut time and costs on work and integrates over 100 applications. Including Google Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Twitter, MailChimp, and more.


In terms of its collaboration capabilities, we can turn to Frost & Sullivan’s Collaboration Performance Index. This index analysed 4,500 enterprises in seven industries and ten different countries. This study found that organisations that gave employees efficient collaboration tools were able to generate far more revenue. 


Is Microsoft Modern Workplace Secure?


Yes, Microsoft 365 can defend against cyber threats, such as phishing, malware, and zero-day attacks. Azure provides complete protection for valuables such as identity, app, data, email data, and other device security.



What is Microsoft Teams?


It is a collaborative hub, or group chat software, that brings all of your teams needs to one place. What makes Microsoft Teams a fantastic tool is that it is:


  • A unified and sharable workspace – The experience of Microsoft Teams is entirely customisable. Employees can have meetings, calls, file sharing, chat, stream video content, create channels, etc.
  • Able to use bots – Within Microsoft Teams, employers can use bots to arrange meetings, take surveys, give kudos to team members, and much more. This helps automate little tasks to allow time for managers to focus on other areas.
  • Able to use Office 365 apps – It helps bring everything into one space if your business requires Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, Power BI, etc.



What business problems does Modern Workplace solve?


No longer do we need to worry about hardware or facilitating that to employees. Workers with a mobile can communicate with colleagues on getting tasks finished, opening the door to a broader workforce.


Managers can keep track of everyone’s files, and it offers excellent AI solutions to menial tasks. For project management, Microsoft Teams is the ideal collaboration tool, allowing communication to aid business growth. Users have complete access to everything they need. 


This visible community helps ensure that employees develop their full potential, help hit business goals, and work remotely. It promotes the modern idea that we show up for the work itself rather than the regular office desk job.


Why you Should Consider Switching to Modern Workplace


Switching to Microsoft Modern Workplace is wise if your company aims to boost productivity, have one communication platform, and protect your data. It will help your business effectively grow and communicate without the need for hardware. Cloud storage helps provide limitless access to data and hefty storage.


Organisations are heading towards a digitally assisted workday in an integrated digital workplace, shaping a more productive employee experience. Frictionless devices help workers achieve more by equipping them with the right tools and access to sites, services, documents, and data.


It also provides you with fantastic apps that can help organise and structure tasks. Microsoft 365 aims are to help employees become engaged, empowered, and prepared to participate in this digital workplace. This technology has the future of business in mind, creating room for employees to bring customers the best service possible and employers more profits. 


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