Microsoft could use P2P platforms for Windows 10 updates

Microsoft may decide to give users the option to download Windows 10 updates via peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, potentially speeding up the updating process.

New details about the eagerly awaited operating system are being released continually, and this latest revelation indicates that updating your system could be a lot quicker in the future. A leaked version of Windows 10 technical preview shows that an additional update option will allow users to download apps and updates from multiple sources. These can either be restricted to PCs within their local network or extended to PCs on the internet.

It makes sense that Microsoft is moving towards P2P technology, as in 2013 it acquired Pando Networks, the creator of a file sharing tech that works in a similar way to BitTorrent. The tech it’s testing for Windows 10 is likely to have changed somewhat from Pando Networks’, though.

Despite all the apparent positives, P2P tech does have its drawbacks, as Microsoft would need to ensure that the PCs that users are downloading from are secure. This means they, or the download packages, would have to be verified by Microsoft in some way.

An official Windows 10 preview will be released by Microsoft shortly, so we’ll soon know whether the P2P rumours are indeed true.

Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users will be able to update to Windows 10 for free within the first year, otherwise they will have to pay. However, this charge is expected to be a one-off fee; Microsoft is unlikely to move to a subscription model like some have previously suggested.

Looks-wise, it appears Windows 10’s task bar will be streamlined and the Start Menu can be made full-screen if the user so wishes. The settings menu design has been changed back to look a lot more like the traditional Control Panel menu also.

The technical preview of Windows 10 will end on April 15, and the OS will be released in late 2015. We’re sure that more new and exciting features will be announced in the meantime.


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