London’s Low Bandwidth Crisis. 5 Ways to help your business reach the clouds!

The growing mountain of available data is matched by an equally high desire to access it. The rise of cloud networks makes managing this overwhelming amount of information not only possible, but highly beneficial!

However London’s mediocre options for accessing the internet means CBD located businesses are unable to utilize the long arm of web based technology that cities like Paris, New York, Dublin or Tokyo fully exploit.

It isn’t all bad news though, innovative tech start-ups who have historically survived on full cloud based solutions through a mixture of bring your own device policies and personal phone data, have now postured themselves at the for front of Hybrid solutions.

As many growing tech start-ups turn into big business in London, they’ve had to look for rapidly scalable connections to their international overseer or satellite markets, but face the same low bandwidth scenario most here are familiar with.

So how do they do it?

5 Ways to Implement Hybrid Cloud Solutions into your Business:

Take one step at a time

In theory it is simple to move your services to the cloud, but there are a number of working parts to think about when making any changes and the number one consideration should be your users. It’s likely you already have an in house system if you’re thinking of becoming a hybrid business. Unless there are major issues with your current system, everything can be done in segments. This minimizes the risk of training gaps. Move in steps, users hate change!


Bring your own device policies have time and again been leveraged in the tech start-up space, with the fast moving space opting to provide employees unlimited data on their personal phones and access the company cloud systems by tethering their device. The beauty is it’s harmoniously scalable. Hire 10 employees and the access to bandwidth per person doesn’t change. The new staff also feel great about having their phone bill paid for each month!

*Be careful to check your operating location is cell data rich.


Shop for the right solution and save $$$

Cloud host companies provide a number of different solutions, but like buying a pair of jeans, you should spend the time finding the one that fits best! Amazon EC2 is the most capable of their storage solutions and not surprisingly their most expensive per GB. At the other end of the market both in capability and price, Amazons Glacier service offers storage solutions for less than £0.008 per GB per month. It is important to remember, as the data commodity becomes more available the prices go down. Don’t expect to pay more in the future, expect to pay less!

The cloud is 24/7 use it!

While some bulk data generators may still have a need for local backups, there is a more efficient alternative for the rest of us. Your backups can be sent to remote storage outside of business hours without affecting your bandwidth during operating hours. If your daily document generation is less than what can be transferred overnight, then opting for a cloud backup solution might just be the way to go.

Don’t know how to do it?

IT is fast moving industry with rapid change across multiple areas that affect both your bottom line and ability to communicate.

Because IT support companies usually manage multiple businesses, it is their job to stay up to date with security policies and procedures not just for your business, but also your competitors. Employing an IT support company can be a cost-effective solution for many London based businesses moving to the cloud.