iOS or Android – Which is right for your business

It goes without saying that businesses should embrace mobile technology, but which operating system is best?

While the recent unveiling of Apple’s latest smartphone has put iOS back into the tech media’s headlines, it won’t be long before one of its biggest competitors in the manufacturing market – whether that’s Samsung, HTC or Google – releases its own game-changing Android handset. As the battle rages on in the consumer world, there will be business owners and CIOs wondering which platform is most suitable for use in an enterprise.

The answer depends on a number of variables.

Apple above all

There’s little doubt that Apple’s world famous operating system fits in well with the most prominent ambition of the average modern IT department; finding a balance between security and user-friendliness. Ever since the first iPhone was launched in 2007, fans have lauded its simple and appealing interface. For those faced with finding a solution that works for groups of people with varying levels of technology knowledge, this can prove invaluable.

What’s more, iOS is often considered much safer than its competitors. This is largely because its application marketplace – the App Store – is closely regulated by the experts at Apple; thus reducing the risk of cyber-crime.

The argument for Android

Increasing productivity is the most obvious reason for a business to embrace technology, but innovation must also be considered. This is where Android is in its element. Google doesn’t keep such as close an eye on its system as Apple – users are required to do a little more work to ensure safety – but this increases capability greatly. The open nature of Android gives users more power to be productive and efficient, and the system can be better customised to suit the company’s or individual’s needs.

In conclusion

There will always be debates over which option is better, both in consumer and business circles. In truth, the final decision should depend on what it is that a business is trying to achieve. If technology is at the heart of your company already and you’re looking to maximise its potential, Android should be considered. Embracing mobile in a way that fits in with employees who aren’t so tech-savvy, though, might be easier to achieve with iOS.

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