How to Find the Right Work-Life Balance When Working From Home

Working from home has benefits for the employee and employer but it suits some people better than others. If you are finding it hard to concentrate during working hours there are a few tips you can take on to help your productivity soar.  


Make dedicated spaces for work and home 


Most of us have to work with a finite amount of space inside our home, but there’s still clever ways you can mark off a section of a room as a defined workspace. 


While you might not be able to achieve everything on your office wishlist, you can at least create yourself an office that is functional. Even if that’s a desk in your bedroom, or a spot in the kitchen. Choose a space that gets good wifi signal, or has a broadband port, gets phone signal for work calls and messages, and has good power outlet options to charge your devices. This is a good first step. A comfy chair and functional desk will also help you stay productive. 




Your IT team should ensure you have all the technology and access to software you need to complete your work without delay. It’s also important that you follow any IT security protocols they advise to ensure you keep the business secure during remote working.



It’s also a good idea to organise your space and have all the files, documents and other equipment you need organised so it’s easy to use when you need it. 


After you’ve finished work or if you’re taking a break, it’s important to have a resting space away from the office. 


Find a routine 


Losing track of time and working too much, skipping meals, and other everyday routines is a potential pitfall some home workers can fall into. It’s a good idea to try and stick to a similar routine as you would if you were working in the company office. This starts with getting dressed, having breakfast, and maybe an early morning workout before firing up the PC. 


Simply by getting dressed you will increase your chance of being productive and you’ll feel much more professional too. 


Remember to take short breaks throughout the day to move around, while you may not have colleagues to move around the office to see, you can walk around your home or into the garden if you have one, just 5-10 minutes every hour or so will help you stay refreshed and can improve the quality of your work. 


Cloud based meeting and communication tools should mean you’ll have video, voice, and text based interactions with co-workers and help with any feelings of isolation.



Useful Tips for Maintaining Balance 


Maintaining a balance between your work and personal life is important when you work at home because it’s too easy to allow the lines to be blurred. 


Here are some simple tips to help your health and well being while working remotely. 


Even for introverts who enjoy time alone, working from home can be too much solitude. Take steps to talk to people during the day. Positive social interactions are healthy and good for mental health. 


When it comes to your physical health, make sure that you have ergonomic equipment such as keyboards and a mouse that helps you avoid back, wrist, and neck pain. It’s not worth causing physical damage and in the end you’ll need time off work which is not good for employees or the employer. 


Other important equipment would include good quality broadband, which may depend on the layout and design of your home or apartment. A work lamp is also useful for dark mornings and evenings to save your eyes from strain. 


It could be worth learning the latest tips and tricks for remote networking apps like Zoom so you are well prepared for meetings and don’t cause disruption to others who wait for you to solve technical issues. 


Ultimately finding the right routine and equipment to maximise your productivity and overall health while working from home is a process of trial and error, before long you’ll find the perfect routine for you.


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