Enterprise apps and the cloud – The perfect match

The cloud and mobile are extremely powerful tools – if businesses want to get the most out of both, they must be used together

The digital revolution that has affected so many lives and workplaces is made up of a huge number of elements. While the ingredients are often discussed individually, it’s important to remember that each one has a hand in driving the increasing popularity of the others. Without Wi-Fi, for example, the Internet of Things concept probably wouldn’t exist. Wireless connectivity has also powered the cloud, which in turn is driving the growth of mobile technologies in the workplace – and vice versa.

Industry analysts at ABI Research have managed to put part of this equation into numbers, and predict that cloud technologies will single-handedly generate more than £2 billion in mobile enterprise application revenue over the next five years.

The modern business landscape demands much of companies in the way of cost-efficiency and productivity, so it’s easy to see that mobile can play a significant role in ensuring these ever-present goals are met.

Mobile applications can provide a level of flexibility that hasn’t always been available to the average enterprise. For example, employees can maximise efficiency by working from any location – opening up all manner of possibilities. The cloud supports this and fits in with it perfectly.

Essentially, the importance of the physical office space is declining as businesses move their cores to the web. When the migration is complete and ERP systems, data and productivity tools are all rooted in the cloud, mobile applications can be used as portable portals, ensuring employees can access the parts they need whenever and wherever necessary.