EC-MSP Becomes Datto Partner

Every business needs a backup plan in the event an outage. However, many backups plans fail to prove useful and deliver continuity during an event. This can leave critical services unavailable and customers feeling frustrated until the system is restored. A solid backup plan is therefore an essential component to any business IT setup, and EC-MSP is pleased to announce we are now adding Datto to our suite of solutions. This affordable but powerful service enables full functionality of your backups and could completely change how your organisation manages its data.

Backing Up Data Often Leaves Services Unavailable

If an organisation simply needs data backed up in case of an event, there are many solutions from which to choose. Automated backup images, offsite data storage, or even a simple USB drive are all commonly used as primary backup solutions. Unfortunately, there are also several problems stemming from this type of backup.

First, some backup solutions only include files. This means the system infrastructure needs to be effectively rebuilt before full services are restored, often taking days or weeks. If there is a major event, such as the loss of a location, this can take a considerable amount of time and resources.

Another issue is restoring functionality in addition to data. In many cases, restoring a backup simply provides a static image of the most recent backup. Data alone is not enough to restore services, however; the servers need to be reconfigured before everything works as normal. Thus, simply making a copy of important files is not enough for a complete, “true” backup.

Datto solves these problems and more, to deliver a better backup option.

Introducing Datto: Near-Instant, Functional Backups

By taking a novel approach to backups, Datto has quickly become a leader in the data backup, recovery and business continuity industry. This delivers a safety net to customers who need their information and services to remain safe – no matter what.

As Datto CEO Austin McChord told Entrepreneur magazine, “We can restore machines faster than anybody else on the market today.” This delivers a remarkably seamless backup experience customers won’t have time to notice.

“Most people are looking at a matter of hours to bring back a failed server,” McChord said, “whereas our average restore time is about six seconds, regardless of the server size or complexity. Being able to bring systems back right away is a really big deal, because time is money, especially in the technology industry.”
Datto works by replicating data to cloud servers using the company’s signature Inverse Chain Technology. This converts customer data into a backup image that is always available for immediate virtualisation. Whether on- or off-site, functional cloud backups can be created in moments.

How Datto Benefits Businesses

Its unique approach to creating backup images allows Datto to deliver many unique benefits to customers.

  • Verified backup integrity. To prevent problems with the integrity of your backup, Datto creates a mock recovery, then verifies it in a virtual machine to ensure that it worked.
  • Protection from people. Humans are the most likely source of data loss. From accidental deletions and downloading malware to malicious activity, Datto backups allow companies to instantly recover data from human error.
  • Instant backups in case of emergency. Within seconds, Datto’s Instant Virtualisation technology restores backups in a matter of seconds. It doesn’t matter whether companies use the Datto appliance locally or remotely in Datto’s secure cloud – Datto helps ensure business as normal.
  • Fully functional backups. Unlike some backup solutions, Datto’s backup images are fully function when restored. This allows full, instant recovery for data and critical services – not just restoring files without functionality

The benefits don’t end there. With normal backup solutions, IT managers need to do quite a lot of work to get services up and running after an event. Datto simplifies this process by being the first cost-effective solution that allows a backup server to boot up in another location. Using remote backup servers instantly restores services, providing service continuity while IT managers work to restore the original servers. Naturally, this significantly reduces the stress of recovering after a disaster.

Contact EC-MSP Today to Discuss Datto Backups

Datto’s technology isn’t just a good idea in theory. It has a proven track record for helping businesses get up and running after disruptive events.

As Forbes reports, after a massive tornado in 2011, Datto instantly retrieved local hospitals’ access to medical records. When a hurricane flooded a major hedge fund data center, Datto had it back in the market in minutes.

Now EC-MSP customers can gain the benefits of Datto’s instant backups. Whether you need a managed backup solution or simply want help with a one-off install or Datto tech support, contact EC-MSP’s advisors to get started. Your customers will be glad you did.