Is your business ready for wearable tech

Technology and fashion are becoming closer by the day, and the results are set to flourish in the workplace. Preparation will determine the success of your own adoption.

The consumerisation of IT has been rampant in recent years. We’re seeing a new wave of apps, cloud services and devices infiltrate the workplace, after they all proved popular with personal users. Sometimes, though, it works the other way, of which wearable technology is a great example.

While the big manufacturers appear to be focusing heavily on the consumer market with their smartwatches and spectacles, it is relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Instead, it’ll be business users that drive innovation in this field, for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, for anything to be a major hit, it has to serve a new purpose. At present, most of the wearable devices available share their capabilities with existing technologies – they simply present them in a different way. In truth, though, wearable tech can be designed to provide solutions to very specific problems, a model that works perfectly for the workplace.

The potential of wearable tech in the business world is too great for it not to extend beyond the industries in which it’s already used. Sure, Google Glass is proving to be a useful tool for healthcare professionals, but a different, more intricately designed piece of hardware might be needed elsewhere. When this happens, and computerised clothing and accessories start to show up in your firm’s budgets, will you be ready?

Wearable tech presents a range of new security concerns for users to consider, but preparation can begin ahead of time. If risks are to be minimised, the workforce in question must already be both disciplined and informed. Instead of starting on the day that your company actually uses its first wearable devices, put the work in beforehand.  Make sure existing policies are watertight and effective before adapting them to cater for new hazards.

Of course, preparation will require plenty of research, just remember to involve those who will be impacted by the changes throughout the whole process.

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