All You Need to Know About Microsoft Intune

If your business handles sensitive data, you don’t want it getting into the wrong hands. Least of all because one of your employees isn’t following the information security policies you’ve worked so hard on, or if their device is lost, stolen or hacked.


In a world of remote working and blurring of our work and personal lives, protecting your business data has never been so critical. Microsoft Intune is just one service which can give you that extra peace of mind that your information is safe with all of your employees.


What is Microsoft Intune?


Microsoft Intune is a service that allows businesses to control how their devices, and the applications on them, are used. It is a cloud-based service focusing on both mobile device management (or MDM) and mobile application management (or MAM). EC-MSP being an IT support company in London will be able to provide more information about Microsoft Intune.


Microsoft Intune is part of Microsoft’s EMS (Enterprise Mobility and Security) suite. This means it integrates with other Microsoft products your business might use, such as Microsoft 365, Teams and Azure – Microsoft’s cloud platform – to keep all of your information protected.



How does Microsoft Intune work?


Microsoft Intune allows you to manage devices used by employees in your business. Via the cloud, devices that are ‘enrolled’ in Intune can be controlled by the company. This means you can set the rules for how the device is used; from password requirements and threat protection through to app management and access to company data on that device.


Even if you don’t require a device to be enrolled – some users would find this level of control over their personal devices alarming – you can still safeguard data without managing the device. You can still set password requirements, for example, on non-enrolled devices.


Microsoft Intune capabilities


Microsoft Intune gives businesses the capability to:


  • Allow a bring your own device (BYOD) policy. Microsoft Intune can be deployed onto personal devices used for work purposes to ensure business data is protected.
  • Manage access to data and networks. Configure security settings – such as not allowing a device to be connected to an unsecured network – to protect your data.
  • Set and enforce additional security standards. Require users to consistently follow data security guidelines such as multi-factor authentication on their devices.
  • Remove organisational data remotely. Intune allows you to wipe company data from a device remotely if it is lost, stolen, or simply not used anymore.
  • Have visibility over devices your business uses. Intune allows you to see all devices enrolled and able to access company resources, giving you an inventory.
  • Configure apps on user devices. For example, add and assign apps to users, configure app settings and automatically update apps on relevant devices.
  • Track usage analytics for business use. See reports on which apps are being used by your employees and track their usage to ensure compliance.
  • Implement further protection against possible attacks. Intune’s endpoint protection capabilities allow you to protect devices and systems against the likes of malware and other security threats, thereby ensuring your company devices and, if you wish, your employee’s devices remain secure. 
  • Keep tabs on your company’s assets. The Microsoft Intune company portal allows the organisation to keep track of company-authorised devices, their software and any licences they have. They can also monitor the devices on which specific systems are installed, enhancing asset protection. 
  • Optimise ROI without spending money on hardware. No additional hardware is required when you choose to use Microsoft Intune, so you don’t have to spend unnecessary money on your IT management systems. 
  • Separate personal and business data. It’s no secret that some devices provided to employees by the company can be used for personal matters, too. This is made safer when organisations use Intune’s data management tools, ensuring there is no crossover between business and personal information. 
  • Increase efficiency using automation. Intune can help you to automate everyday, routine operations, which saves your IT team time. Routine tasks can be anything from device checking to updating software. 

    Manage devices across operating systems. Microsoft Intune is not limited to devices that operate using Windows. The system also supports systems including macOS, Android, and iOS.


Implement additional protection policies. Intune allows you to control how users share information. For example, you can prevent emails being sent to users outside of your business on the device managed by Intune. These policies can be customized based on user, location and real-time risk to ensure data stays protected.



Benefits of Microsoft Intune


Microsoft Intune exists as a security measure. The largest benefits of Microsoft Intune are all around how it allows you to ensure all employees are able to keep information safe and secure. It makes compliance with your data security policies compulsory – you can set protocols so that a user cannot use their device without following the rules.


Other benefits of implementing Microsoft Intune as part of your digital transformation include:


  • Adaptability: Intune is compatible with all devices and operating systems, including Windows, iOS and Android.
  • Diversity: Intune can be beneficial to all sorts of professional fields that handle sensitive data, from IT professionals to schools and governments
  • Flexibility: As any device can be managed, using Intune gives ultimate flexibility to you and your business – allowing people to work from anywhere, at any time.
  • Security: Using Intune means all apps and devices, and therefore staff, comply with your security requirements to keep all of your business data safe.
  • Scalability: Once implemented, Intune can grow with your business and seamlessly provide updates and support as your team grows. You won’t outgrow Intune.
  • Productivity: You can keep on providing the Microsoft experience your employees need to do their jobs with more security without compromising their productivity.


Microsoft Intune gives you the power of security, completely in your control. You can ensure work and personal data are kept safe, secure and separate through the mobile device management and mobile application management principles on which Intune is built. 


How can Intune add value to your business?


Microsoft Intune allows you to manage how devices are used by employees in your business, protecting your data and ensuring maximum compliance to security measures. 


This gives both you and your employees more freedom. Knowing that your data is protected wherever your employees are located, allows for more effective and secure remote working. Employees can have the same access to the tools they need to do their job even when they’re not in the office, and you get the security that your data is not in any additional danger.


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