5 Steps For Choosing the Perfect Software For Your Business

We know that choosing the right software for your business is tricky, with lots of solutions competing for your attention. However, every business is unique and requires the right software solutions to keep systems running. So, let’s take a look at the five steps you need to take to pick the right software for your organisation.


  1. Outline Your Businesses Needs and Budget


The best place to start is at the end, looking at the requirements for the software you need. Then, think about the output for the new system, rather than every detail and feature of the software. 


Are you looking for software that will help enhance productivity, boost performance, and automate simple processes? Do you want an on-premises or cloud-based solution?


To clearly define what software your business needs, you need to analyse your current software and clearly outline the must-haves of any new software you’re researching. For example, if a new software only works on Macs whilst the company is on Windows, you immediately know it is not for you. 


By assessing and seeing what will fit into your current structure, you will choose software that will fit the environment and its needs rather than going for the latest and greatest gadgets. Keep in mind your budget for not only buying the software but for training, implementing, support, and upgrading the software.


  1. Outline Who Is Involved in The Decision


Switching software requires a significant change to day-to-day operations, and it can impact everyone in an organisation. Although some of the people mentioned below aren’t directly involved in making this decision, you will need to bear in mind how it might impact them when making this decision.

  • Customers – There could be a slight impact on customer or client satisfaction when the initial switch occurs. Employees and colleagues will be focused on learning the new software, which could cause a delay in customer care.
  • Managers – Each manager will need different forms of software to complete individual tasks. Be sure to check in to see what your current software is lacking
  • IT Staff – You will need to ensure that any new software is compatible with your cybersecurity needs.
  • Employees – Asking your teams what software they believe will help with their roles is a fantastic way to get feedback on your old system and discover your employees’ needs.



  1. Demo or Trial Software


Once you’ve finished the vital research phase of discovering your businesses needs and finding software to match it – comes the testing phase. Trialling new software is a great way to see if it improves processes.


There are no limits to how many services you can demo. The only limit you have is the time it takes to implement them. Then you can begin to narrow down which software is best for the organisation as a whole.


  1. Training Staff and Peers


Next is the implementation phase, training employees to use software to keep up team productivity and systems secure. This is usually the most daunting stage for a business as the time it takes can affect business performance.


But no need to worry, as alongside in-house training, there is also in-app learning that can teach staff about the features and how to use them. You can also create user guides for new employees or video tutorials to help smoothly implement the software.



  1. Forward Thinking


The challenging aspects of picking new software are over! Now you can focus on the future of the business. 

  • Companies Future – As time progresses, keep an eye on your competitors and the software and technology they implement. Scope out your future requirements to pick a software that has longevity in mind.
  • Updates – Be diligent with updating features and security systems. This will reduce your amount of downtime and keep up productivity.
  • Seeking Advice – Don’t be afraid to ask business technology advisors for help. They’ll be able to define your requirements. You can also seek advice at business technology events.


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