EC-MSP Becomes Datto Partner

Every business needs a backup plan in the event an outage. However, many backups plans fail to prove useful and deliver continuity during an event. This can leave critical services unavailable and customers feeling frustrated until the system is restored. A solid backup plan is therefore an essential component to any business IT setup, and…

importance of disaster recovery plan

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) & Disaster Recovery Plan Template (DRP)

As anyone whose business relies on technology knows, even so-called “stable” systems are subject to problems at any time. Whether such issues are technological in nature (cyberattacks, user error, hardware failure etc.) or the results of a different cause (theft, power outage, natural disasters etc.), maintaining consistent services for customers is a critical and ever-evolving…


The New Email Phishing Ransomware Scam that All Small Business Owners Must Watch Out For

Two of the biggest cyber-security threats in the world right now have to be email phishing scams and ransomware incursions. Email phishing scams are those cyber-attacks which masquerade as email messages from trustworthy sources in order to incite victims to give up access to their system, passwords or other sensitive data. Ransomware meanwhile, is a…