Worshipful Company of Information Technologists

The Company

The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists (WCIT) is a modern-day livery company dedicated to the growth and promotion of information communications technology. Its 700-membership, which is comprised of a legion of top-level IT professionals, including Bill Gates and Sir Tim Berners-Lee, works to shape the future of IT through key development projects in London.

The Challenge

EC-MSP was invited to investigate and resolve performance problems with the organisation’s IT infrastructure. After some detailed analysis, it became clear that the existing IT infrastructure was neither adaptable nor scalable enough to accommodate the company’s expanding needs. Despite a total of five servers in place for just six office staff, the configuration of this hardware was restrictive, leaving no room for Windows to grow and operate to its full potential.

The Solution

Naturally, the WCIT encourages active participation from its members on all IT matters, including the development of its own internal IT systems.

Member feedback often calls for the WCIT to lead by example, implementing the latest so-called ‘bleeding edge’ technology. However, whilst EC-MSP’s engineers are equally keen to exploit latest technologies and trends, they are mindful of the need for stable and dependable systems.

Taking all of WCIT’s medium and long-term needs into consideration, Roy Castleman, Managing Director at EC-MSP recommended a new server specification and EC-MSP’s engineers set about migrating the WCIT’s entire infrastructure across to the new system in the most cost-effective way possible. An on-going support agreement was also signed with the WCIT.

The Benefits

EC-MSP’s recommendations have transformed WCIT’s infrastructure and on-going IT management:

  • WCIT now operates with an IT infrastructure that’s practical, cost-efficient and fit-for-purpose
  • The new infrastructure offers scalability and versatility in terms of their future IT strategy
  • The engineers at EC-MSP are fully accountable for the system’s performance – the new server is proactively managed and monitored by EC-MSP to reduce risk and minimise downtime.
  • EC-MSP manages all aspects of WCIT’s network, from daily backup checks to planning budgets and strategy.


“Having worked in the IT sector for years, I can safely say that the communication we receive from Roy and the rest of the team at EC-MSP is the best I’ve ever witnessed”.

Mike Jenkins, Clerk at the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists

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