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  • We run your IT, so you can run your business
  • We handle all third party communication
  • We only charge per user, not per device
  • We help you establish an IT strategy for future growth
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Barbican is at the very heart of the city center, forming a haven of creativity within the financial district. At EC-MSP, we admire this willingness to bloom where planted, which is why we’ve put down our roots in this area as well. In Barbican, we can be on hand, attending to the IT needs of both office buildings and home-based businesses alike.

As a small business ourselves, we cater specifically to the unique needs of other growing businesses. We recognize that poor IT solutions and service can have a huge impact on the success of any business, and work together with business owners to provide the best possible IT systems for their specific needs and goals. Our technicians care about the success of your business, and will do anything that they can to help ensure it. We’ll handle all your IT needs- whether they be network setup, device installation, employee training, or even dealing with third party vendors. This frees up your time and energy to focus on growing your business! EC-MSP works tirelessly in the background to make sure that all of your IT systems just work when you need them to, without a lot of fuss or interruptions.

EC-MSP delivers hassle-free IT support services and strategic planning for SME companies in London. Our friendly IT support engineers will manage every aspect of your network, reacting to the daily IT problems that threaten to disrupt productivity and advising on new solutions, which can save money and improve your bottom line.

Why is our IT Support and management programme different?

We manage all of your IT systems, from the phone system to the servers.
We charge per user, not per device, regardless of the number of devices being used. This leads to a huge cost saving and no hidden expenses.
We deal with 3rd parties so you don’t have to – you won’t be stuck between two different vendors both blaming each other – we take care of that.
We plan for the future together. You know your business, and we know small business IT support. When we bring those two elements together, we can make sure your IT supports your staff, plans and future business growth.

We offer a wide variety of IT services, to suit many different kinds of businesses. The best options for your specific situations will be determined at your initial consultation, during which our trained engineers will talk with you about your business’s current IT setup, needs, desires, and plans for future growth so that we can design- together- the most optimal IT setup for your small business. Some of our most popular services include the following:

  • IT Relocation Services
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Network services including network setup and maintenance
  • IT Training for employees
  • Software and Hardware setup services
  • General IT support packages.

EC-MSP offers a unique perspective on IT solutions in the Barbican area. In addition to understanding the unique challenges that face small business owners, we believe that, in terms of IT systems, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Where many larger IT management companies may offer one or two service packages to all of their clients, we rarely offer the same thing twice, since different businesses have different needs. We strive to offer affordable services that are designed both to fit with your business’s current needs and to allow room for growth in the future. Our IT solutions give you the tools that you need at a price that allows you to keep investing in the future of your business- they are designed to grow along with you, rather than hold you back. We also don’t use the ploy of long contracts to rope clients into a big commitment. Our contracts only last 3 months before the option for renewal, since we’re confident that our personalized service will keep our clients coming back for more. If you want to see for yourself what EC-MSP can do, call today to schedule your initial consultation.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Case Study

Curo Property Funds
New Server Installation

EC-MSP’s assistance in updating our computer system was excellent; the service was very professional and the entire operation went very smoothly, with minimal interruption to our business.

Kevin Crighton

The challenge

Curo Property Funds, which is run by Kevin Crighton and Neil Gullan, aims to set up funds that meet the needs of investors through its forward-looking approach, meticulous asset selection and the active management of commercial property. The Curo team offers a wealth of talent across all the services needed to establish sound property investment opportunities, including asset selection, fund structuring, debt financing and asset management. EC-MSP helped with decommissioning their old server and installing a new one. This is how we did it.

The solution

A senior engineer was assigned to the case. The new Server was configured in EC-MSP’s office with the right permissions, backup details and Server monitoring software installed before it was couriered to the clients’ office. Once on-site the engineer proceeded to import data and emails into the new Server, then mount the Server into the Comms cabinet and connect it up to the network. Next, the engineer configured the anti-virus, ensured that the emails were accessible to those working remotely and allowed internet connectivity to the network through the Server. Finally, Sage was installed and everything was tested fully to ensure it was working.

The Outcome

Curo successfully transitioned from their old Server to a new one that fits their business needs perfectly, running the latest version of Windows Server to better protect their business and improve efficiency. The work was done over the weekend to avoid interruption to their work day, so everyone was on the new Server come Monday morning without any issues.

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