Year: 2019

Your Facebook Account is a Hacking Target

Hacking is on the rise. And it isn’t just the big corporations that cybercriminals choose to go…

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Prosyn Rebrands to EC-MSP Limited

This month, we launched our new website and officially became known as EC-MSP Ltd.   The reason…

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New Technologies That Will Impact SEO

SEO started from simple optimization of landing pages on a desktop computer.   Today things are much…

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Relying on Cloud-based Data Back-up for Security and Profitability

Traditionally, businesses have used physical servers stored at multiple locations to store their most sensitive data. But…

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An Introduction to Microsoft Azure SQL Server

All successful organisations rely on accurate data to make important decisions. Businesses not only have to store…

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The Advantages of Microsoft PowerApps

When Microsoft PowerApps launched to much acclaim halfway through the year in 2018 the potential for businesses…

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