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  • We will train your staff so everyone knows what to do
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  • Your DR plan will minimize lost revenue in case of a disaster
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According to the Department of Trade & Industry, 70% of companies that encounter a significant loss of data go out of business within a year. This simple fact shows just how important it is to have robust and well-defined disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place.

Disasters happen, and many companies have placed their trust in what they thought were adequate backups, only to find them deficient when it came to the crunch. Being unprepared in such situations can impose crippling costs on even the largest organisations, whether in the form of a disruption to operations, legal liability, or, very often, significant revenue loss.

We at EC-MSP understand that a well-rounded backup regime is only part of the bigger picture; that no matter how well-planned and managed, sometimes backups alone are not enough. What you need is a fully fleshed-out plan for coping with all possible disaster scenarios – including how to prevent them.

A Consultative Approach to Disaster Recovery

EC-MSP approaches the concept of business continuity and disaster recovery from the position of the client. Rather than providing disaster recovery services based upon generic best practices, we aim to understand the core critical failure points within your business. We then create a tailor-made plan for workplace recovery to counteract them.

If your business depends heavily on data – as most do – such a recovery plan can save you massive amounts of time and money should your business be affected by a cyberattack, equipment failure, or other risk to your operations.

We start with consultation. During this phase, we will work closely with primary stakeholders, identifying key failure points and mission critical systems upon which business continuity is dependent.

This fact-finding enables EC-MSP to define exactly what is needed from a technology point of view, to keep your company operating at a bare minimum level in the event of disaster.

A Plan for Continued Operation

Taking what we have learned during the consultation phase, we will develop a business continuity plan that will provide everything required to keep your business functioning, should a worst-case scenario develop.

One of the key deliverables of the business continuity plan we develop is the segregation of critical systems from non-critical systems. In the event of a disaster, the goal is to keep the company operating, not to provide 100% service coverage for every application. This is the fundamental backbone of a solid plan: to provide the minimum level of required services to keep the company trading, but with a 100% success rate.

Your data is the lifeblood of your business. When a data disaster happens, the ability to quickly recover and retrieve lost files can be critical to your company’s future. With EC-MSP disaster recovery and continuity, you can rest easy knowing that the most important functions and processes at your business will survive even  ‘worst-case scenario’ data loss. It’s this kind of security that helps you rest easy, even when your business is at its most vulnerable.

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“The automated backup has eliminated our concerns for the loss of data, in any event. Thanks to EC-MSP, we now have a robust, cost effective solution, and trust that our data, the core of our business, is in safe hands.”

Jason Levy, Director, Skillbrokers

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Case Study

Skill Brokers

Banking on Online Backup

The automated backup has eliminated our concerns for the loss of data, in any event. Thanks to EC-MSP, we now have a robust, cost effective solution, and trust that our data, the core of our business, is in safe hands.

Jason Levy
Director, Skillbrokers

The challenge

Established in 1988, Skillbrokers is a recruitment company specialising in the banking and information technology sectors. The business deals on a daily basis with clients who are governed by industry regulation and best practice, so when EC-MSP highlighted a need to increase the reliability of its nightly backup routine, Skillbrokers understood the importance of a solution it could count on.

As part of a procedural review, EC-MSP recommended that Skillbrokers install a fully automated online backup system, which would help form an essential part of its client’s business continuity plan.

The solution

A EC-MSP engineer performed an initial analysis of the data on its client’s file server and consulted with Skillbrokers to establish what data its client wished to be included in the secure online backup. The software was then installed and configured to include only the files that were deemed to be critical, thus helping keeping a check on the cost of this solution.

The Outcome

Skillbrokers can now rest safe in the knowledge that its most business critical data is being stored offsite in a secure data centre location. Single files can be restored in case of corruption, or accidental deletion and an entire restore would be readily available in the case of a full blown disaster.

  • Reliable online backup solution which would allow data to be restored quickly in the event of a disaster
  • Business critical data stored securely in a data centre located just outside the M25 motorway for fast access in case of a disaster
  • Strong encryption ensures data security
  • Multiple versions of data kept on a 30 day cycle
  • Vital part of business continuity plan
  • Daily monitoring by EC-MSP engineers.

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